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How high blood pressure affects the kidneys

- Hardly any other organ performs such a wide range of tasks as the kidney. In addition to urine production and excretion of foreign substances and metabolic products, the kidney also controls the water and electrolyte balance, produces hormones and regulates blood pressure.

How much muscle mass can be built up in a month?

- Bicep curls, pull-ups and exercises on various fitness machines all have one thing in common – they build muscle mass. There are more than enough reasons to go to the gym. A well-trained body not only looks good, it also aids health and performance in all phases of life. For some, building up muscle mass does not happen quickly enough, so the question often arises as to what expectations are realistic.

How do blood pressure monitors really work?

- Blood pressure monitors are common on both hospital wards and in outpatient areas. They are in use every day, yet many people still do not know the technique behind them. It is high time that we learn how these blood pressure measuring devices actually work.

mBCA measuring results: how to interpret the BIVA

- The bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) has successfully been established as a diagnostic method for determining a patient’s body composition. The devices offered by seca, under the series seca mBCA, are renowned for their medically validated results and their significant amount of applications in clinical and ambulatory settings.

The mechanical column scale – nostalgia with a modern spirit

- With a manually adjustable sliding weight, the column scale exhibits a hint of nostalgia. The scales, made of cast iron, are often enhanced with elaborate details and artistic fonts. They are forefathers to the contemporary versions of a scale. But you won’t only find these in museums. Physicians offices, hospitals and fitness studios often prefer using manual scales. Mechanical column scales have the special advantage that deprived of electrical components, they do not require electricity. They are also known to be extremely robust and durable. Furthermore, higher weights can be determined in a more precise manner with a column scale.

What is phase angle?

- The seca mBCA uses the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to non-invasively assess body composition - the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an essential tool and integral part of any comprehensive health and nutrition assessment. Compared to the Body Mass Index (BMI), which is dependent on weight and height alone, and because of this the assumptions of lean mass and adipose tissue distribution are not always accurate - BIA is much more precise and significant.

Osteoporosis – honey, did I shrink?

- Osteoporosis, also known as bone atrophy, is the most common bone disease among the elderly. The main effects of osteoporosis are a reduction of bone substance and the decrease of bone mineral density.

Protein shakes – magic bullets or a costly advertisement lie?

Nutritionist Nelly Kreß explains if and why an additional protein supplement is necessary

- There are currently many different dietary supplements available on the market which contain an increased level of protein. Most of these products are protein shakes made from egg white. Their producers advertise these supplements to support muscle buildup and burning fat. For this reason, my patients often ask me whether they should add protein shakes to their training plan or diet. There is no one answer that is applicable to everyone.

Other countries, other afflictions

- Every summer, millions of people travel to cities all over the world. The main goal for many travellers is to find relaxation and discover new countries and new cultures. To be able to completely enjoy your time abroad, the health aspects of such a journey should be taken into account. In our travel column we regularly share current and country specific information as well as practical health tips for spending time in foreign countries.

Determining your body composition in only 17 seconds

- Part 1: seca mBCA 515 – Precise results in just a few steps:   Imagine having a machine in your practice, which can not only determine precise measurement data for your patients’ body compositions, but can also graphically display this information on a monitor – in only 17 seconds! The seca mBCA 515 was designed to do exactly this. The best part is that during the device’s development, we placed a strong emphasis on user friendliness, so as to offer you the best support in your daily work.   We guarantee your satisfaction.

seca mBCA in der medizinischen Forschung

- Summer has arrived, and with it, the longing for a nice tan from lying on a sunny beach somewhere along an ocean shore. But what if the digits on our scale show numbers far from our ideal weight? Our New Year’s resolutions to become more fit and live healthier often lose priority after a few weeks. Only to remind us right before summer vacation, that we had planned to look better in a bathing suit this season. This is when most of us will decide to go on a diet. In magazines, drug stores and pharmacies, you can find a large number of diets and diet products that promise an easy and permanent weight reduction.

TOFI – Thin On The Outside, Fat On The Inside?

- A slim figure and a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 kg/m² and 25 kg/m² is of extreme relevance today, as being overweight or suffering from adiposity is proven to lead to a number of diseases. However, the term ‘fat’ doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being fat. Not every pad of fat on our body will inevitably lead to an illness.

mBCA 525 – precision meets mobility

- The bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) counts as one of the most current topics in clinical nutrition. Through precise and reliable measurements of a body’s composition, the seca mBCA devices can be used in various clinical sectors. Patients in oncology, nephrology, diabetology and cardiology, in particular, can profit from the device. Extracellular water retentions that result from heart insufficiency can be recognized early on and dialysis therapies can be effectively monitored.

Nelly Kress – a passionate nutrition coach

The prime example of a self-made woman.

- Nelly Kress is the perfect example of a self-made woman. Born in Berlin, she graduated in various training fields. Since 2013, she has successfully worked as a nutrition coach. In 2015, she opened her first practice in Berlin-Charlottenburg, where she offers extensive nutrition and medical counseling, establishing a reputation nation-wide.  

How to take body measurements of patients who are bedridden or immobile

- Usually, measuring a patient’s body weight and height is routine work and can be done in no time. But what if a patient is bedridden or unable to be in a standing position to have his or her measurements taken? For example, patients who suffer from massive posture damage through spinal deformities or contractures, are at a greater risk of falling. In this case, it is necessary to find a solution that differs from the classic techniques to take body measurements.