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Adult-onset diabetes ... in children?

-   In recent years, the number of reported diabetes mellitus cases has been steadily rising. But this worldwide development is not an adults-only problem: more and more, children and adolescents are becoming affected as well. Studies have shown that in young patients, this increase involves both of the main types of diabetes. Currently, type 1 diabetes accounts for the majority of diabetes in children and adolescents, and generally occurs before the age of 16, while type 2 is a relatively new pediatric condition. Originally, it was referred to as "adult-onset diabetes" because only a few cases were known where the patients were below the age of 30. However, depending on the region and the…  

Can Fever Affect BIA?

-   Fever is a very common symptom and usually supports the recovery process in case of infections. It has a far-reaching effect on the body's functions and can affect the validity of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) through changes in the water balance and bioelectric properties.  

How high blood pressure affects the kidneys

-   Hardly any other organ performs such a wide range of tasks as the kidney. In addition to urine production and excretion of foreign substances and metabolic products, the kidney also controls the water and electrolyte balance, produces hormones and regulates blood pressure.  

Aspartame, saccharin and the alike – which sweetener causes weight gain?

-   With the development of practically calorie-free sweeteners came the promise of a cure for the problem of consuming sweet foods without negative effects on health. At the same time, they were seen as a means of combating the advancing epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Now, however, there are many indications that they are not keeping their promise and may even have opposite effects. The choice of sweetener could be the most important factor.  

How much muscle mass can be built up in a month?

-   Bicep curls, pull-ups and exercises on various fitness machines all have one thing in common – they build muscle mass. There are more than enough reasons to go to the gym. A well-trained body not only looks good, it also aids health and performance in all phases of life. For some, building up muscle mass does not happen quickly enough, so the question often arises as to what expectations are realistic.  

How do blood pressure monitors really work?

-   Blood pressure monitors are common on both hospital wards and in outpatient areas. They are in use every day, yet many people still do not know the technique behind them. It is high time that we learn how these blood pressure measuring devices actually work.  

Need a shock? What is EMS training?

-   In today’s hectic and chaotic world, physical exercise should be, first and foremost, efficient. This is why an ever-increasing number of fitness centres and personal trainers are offering 20-30-minute workouts that are supposed to show results after just a few weeks. These quick results are achieved by using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or electrical muscle activation (EMA).