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An accurate weight is critical for dosing medications in children

Medication is an integral part of the treatment of patients. But when dosed incorrectly, medication can have serious, potentially fatal consequences, especially in the more vulnerable pediatric patient population. Dose calculation errors are the most common type of medication error for babies and children.

“It is obvious that medication errors are a pervasive problem, but the problem is preventable in most cases.”1

Drug safety is paramount in pediatric patients

“Medication dosing for the pediatric population
is at high risk for potential error.”2

Babies and children have a much smaller margin for dosage errors than adults. It’s vital to adopt a multi-pronged approach to promote prompt and accurate weighing, correct weight documentation, and easy accessibility to the patient’s information for those involved in medication management.

Eliminating dosage errors with seca integration solutions

Especially in a pediatric environment, incorrect weight-based dosage errors can have a detrimental effect. Following example shows that even a “harmless” drug such as Acetaminophen can become dangerous for small patients.

A four-year-old girl weighing 16.3 kg hospitalized for pneumonia.
Due to distraction the clinician transposed numbers 36.1 kg.

After two doses, the maximum daily dose is exceeded. Hepatotoxic side effects are imminent, especially due to the gradual course and non-specific symptoms.

A relief for nursing staff and pharmacy departments

When nursing staff is chronically under pressure, errors occur more often. seca integration solutions provide relief and thus free up time to focus on what matters most, your patients.


+ Eliminate manual entry errors

+ Reduce time consuming manual results documentation

+ Standardize documentation of weight measurements

+ Make patient’s information accessible in one central location

Does this look familiar?

Measurements are often first handwritten on a piece of paper or glove and then entered into an EMR system at a later time and at another location. With the daily rush and distractions nurses experience, there is potential for erroneous data entry by misreading handwriting, switching numbers or misplacing decimal points.

Transfer measurements directly and securely without manual transcription, without errors

seca scales and measuring stations transmit measurements directly into your EMR system. The digital workflow with automatic patient and user identification eliminates manual data entry errors, and ensures the data is saved to the correct patient file.

1. Identify user (optional)

2. Identify Patient

3. Measure weight and height

4. Send measurements
results to your EMR system

5. Confirmation

6. Secure Integration
into EMR system

Validated EMR integration:
We take care of everything

seca integration solutions are unique in the world of medical measuring and weighing.
We provide everything you need from a single source to ensure complete and seamless integration of weight and height into your EMR system:

Hardware: scales and measuring stations designed for EMR integration

Software to connect hardware with your EMR-system

Project management for implementation, testing and validation of your integration project including education of staff

Support to provide you with service and software updates after the go-live

Compared to seca, other manufacturers only provide EMR-ready technology, which is limited to sending data to a single computer. In contrast, seca EMR-validated technology uses the existing WiFi or Ethernet infrastructure to connect to the EMR system via a single HL7 interface.

seca is the only medical scale solutions provider that offers both lbs/kg and kg-only EMR-validated (not simply EMR-ready) patient scales that seamlessly interoperate with an automated, bi-directional communication workflow that allows for user and patient identification.

"Our competent and experienced team of integration specialists works according to a continuously optimized process that guarantees a safe, effective and satisfactory project flow for customers. The understanding of individual workflow requirements, the Polling of technical requirements, the timely implementation and the expert support, remote or on-site, characterize the success of our work."

Dr.-Ing. Richard Mietz
Team Manager Integration Solutions International
seca gmbh & co. kg, Hamburg, Germany

Time to integrate weight and height into your EMR system

Benefit from innovative weighing and measuring technology that continues to advance and improve patient safety, increase staff satisfaction, and optimize digital workflows.

seca is validated for Cerner CareAware VitalsLink™, Imprivata™ and PointClickCare® based systems.

Our EMR-integration heroes

We provide EMR-validated weighing and measuring solutions for every medical profession.

Baby Scales

Column Scales

Measuring Stations

Chair Scales

Quote 1 Tariq, R. A., Vashisht, R., Sinha, A., & Scherbak, Y. (2018). Medication dispensing errors and prevention.
Quote 2 Bokser, S. J. (2014). \A Weighty Mistake. AORN JOURNAL, 100(1), 118-+

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