The portal for your body composition measurements

The portal for your body composition measurements

The portal for your body composition measurements

Full access to your measured data

With the seca mBCA and seca TRU, successes through exercise and achievements from dietary changes are not only precisely measurable, but also accessible at any time. Our cloud-based software ensures that the results of the body composition analysis that you have carried out, possibly in your fitness program or with your health provider, are always available to you. With your seca myAnalytics login you can track your progress from anywhere, on any device, and see how your body composition changes over time.

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What does a body composition analysis measure and how does it aid my health?

With a body composition analysis, you can see, among other things, how much muscle mass, fat mass, and water your body is composed of. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, exercise or live a healthier life then a body composition analysis offers much more information, and more meaningful information, than just stepping on a scale. You can better assess your progress and achieve your goal more easily.

  • You can see at a glance whether you have too much fat mass and/or too little muscle mass.
  • In progress measurements you can see whether a dietary change or an exercise program is successful.
  • Seeing initial progress in muscle development or fat reduction increases your confidence and is extremely motivating.
  • A measurement shows exactly when fat and muscle mass are in the green, healthy range. For the process your age, gender, and height will be taken into account.
  • With measurements per arm, leg, and the torso you can recognize muscle imbalances, e.g. legs that have not been exercised enough.

Why should I be aware of my body composition?

An optimal body composition prevents diseases and promotes your health. With the seca mBCA and the seca TRU there is now a way to measure body composition in just a few seconds. Use it. Your body will thank you.

Show fat mass parameters

A high fat mass has a negative effect on blood pressure and metabolism. It is also associated with type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Reduce risk and increase your quality of life by keeping fat mass in the green range as much as possible.

Show muscle tachometer

Sufficient muscle mass is one of the most important factors for good health. It protects against injuries in old age and ensures a healthy metabolism, which can, for example, reduce the risk of diabetes. Keeping muscle mass in the green range means better physical performance, preventative health-care, and fat loss support. Muscle mass is the foundation for maintaining health in the body and improves your quality of life, regardless of age.

Show visceral fat and phase angle

You will receive many more measurement results, such as the phase angle, intracellular and extracellular body water, or visceral fat, which is located in the abdominal cavity between the organs and can be particularly dangerous for health. For interpretation of these "advanced" parameters contact your fitness studio or health care provider.


Precise determination of the calorie requirement

To lose fat mass, your caloric intake must be below your requirement. Calorie intake can be controlled through calorie counting, a food diary, or an individualized diet plan. How much you need, i.e. your total energy expenditure, is calculated using your body composition and your Physical Activity Level (PAL). This is more accurate and meaningful than calorie requirement calculators, which do not include your body composition.


TRU BodyScore - Body composition at a glance

The TRU BodyScore evaluates muscle mass and body fat percentage, showing at a glance if progress has been made. The TRU BodyScore refers to the personal reference group, i.e. people of the same age, sex and body size. The average value is 100 points, which represents a healthy and balanced body composition. Muscle mass must be built up and fat mass must be lost to improve the value.

Show fat reduction progression

Does the exercise program effect fat reduction positively? Does a protein-rich diet help with building muscle? You will receive the answer in follow-up measurements with the seca mBCA or the seca TRU. It is important to understand that the body composition analysis can only show its full potential in follow-up measurements. Only then do you see your improvements or whether your successes are sustainable.

How does a bioimpedance analysis look into my body?

The seca mBCA and seca TRU measure body composition using bioimpedance analysis (BIA). In this process the electrical resistance (impedance) of the body is measured using an imperceptible alternating current. When exposed to this current, muscle conducts electricity better, whereas fat is worse. The resistances measured can thus be used to draw conclusions about the existing tissue in the body.

In order to ensure that precise values are calculated from the body resistance, we have compared our seca mBCA and our seca TRU in clinical studies with painstaking processes. For muscle mass, the results were compared, for example, with whole body MRI images. With the result that the measurements were 97% in accordance. This means that not only can you determine your muscle mass easily, and as accurately as with a whole body MRI, but you can also receive precise, reliable, and medically validated measurement results.

In addition, the seca mBCA and seca TRU have body composition data from over 3,000 individuals. They were also collected in clinical studies and allow you to compare and rank your measurements. These comparison values take into account your height, your ethnicity, your age, and your gender. A 65-year-old woman with a height of 1.68 m can therefore compare herself to similar women and thus assess her measurements more accurately.

Because of this precise and comprehensive validation, seca is the BIA provider that the healthcare industry trusts. Take advantage of the possibilities that the latest BIA technology offers.

How do I have to prepare for a measurement?

For comparable measurement results, similar measurement conditions must always be present. Bioimpedance analysis (BIA) is a sensitive measurement method. If you take one measurement before a lavish lunch and another immediately after, the results will not give an accurate representation. So it is important to note the following points for accurate and comparable measurements.

  • If possible, always measure yourself at the same time of day (e.g. in the morning before breakfast or a few hours after).
  • Initially measure your height and be sure to consistently use that measurement from here forward.
  • The time of measurement should be before a meal or a few hours afterwards.
  • Do not drink large quantities of liquid before the measurement. Alcohol should be avoided 12 hours before the measurement.
  • Empty your bladder before the measurement.
  • Measure yourself before exercising, when you are rested. Do not measure during an exercise or immediately following under any circumstances. Likewise, no intensive exercise should have taken place the day prior.
  • Menstrual cycles should be taken into account when choosing the measurement time. During or shortly before menstruation, water retention can occur, which affects the measurement results.
  • Illnesses and medications can also affect the measurement.

No bioimpedance measurement may be performed on people with electronic implants (e.g. pacemakers) or active prostheses.

For pregnant women and people with cardiac arrhythmias, bioimpedance measurements may only be performed after consultation with their physician.

For people who use life-supporting electronic systems, such as an artificial heart, an artificial lung, or portable electronic medical devices such as ECG devices or infusion pumps, no bioimpedance analysis can be performed.


After you have been measured with the seca mBCA or the seca TRU, the professional who performed the measurement, e.g. your doctor, fitness trainer, etc., can unlock your personal access to seca myAnalytics. You will receive an email with a link that you must use to set a secure password and confirm the terms of use. This link expires after 24 hours. If you would like to receive access later, you can have a new link sent to you via the "Forgot password" function.

How and where do I log into seca myAnalytics?
At with your email address and password.

Can I apply for a user account directly from seca?
No, only through providers of body composition analysis (e.g. fitness studio or health care provider) with a seca mBCA or a seca TRU.

What sort of password do I need to choose?
We only allow secure passwords with at least eight characters, including at least one number.

What do I do if I forget my password?
On the login page at you will find a link where you can reset your password. You will then receive an email with a link to set a new password.

What do I do if my email address has changed?
Save your new email address in seca myAnalytics. This email address will also be provided to your fitness studio or physician.

What do I do if I no longer want to use seca myAnalytics?
Log in and deactivate your user account via the administration menu. Your data will be deleted completely.





What if I have performed body composition analysis with several providers?
If you have carried out the measurements with a seca mBCA or a seca TRU then all measurement results can be displayed by logging into seca myAnalytics. For example, if you change your fitness studio you can continue your progress measurements in the new studio as long as it is equipped with a seca TRU or a seca mBCA.

Who answers questions about my body composition analysis?
If you have any further questions about your body composition, please contact the person who performed your body composition analysis, for example your trainer, doctor, or nutritionist.
seca does not provide any advice on body composition.

Can I compare myself with other body composition analysis or with my own body-fat scale?
The seca mBCA and seca TRU have undergone a unique clinical validation, compared to gold standard procedures, and this validation has not been carried out to this standard by any other manufacturer. The sensitive measurement technique with hand-held electrodes and vapor-deposited foot electrodes is also unique. The formulas that calculate the parameters from the measured body resistances are also customized to the hardware. For this reason, only seca body composition analysis can be compared with one another.

Several consumer tests of commercially available body-fat scales have also shown that their measurements are inaccurate and unreliable. Most of these devices only measure the legs (no hand electrodes), they are not validated, or the calculation formulas are based on statistical values that are derived only from body weight. If you want real and reliable measurement results for muscle and fat mass then a body composition analysis with the seca TRU or the seca mBCA is a must!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my data?
The seca data protection officer is available to answer any questions you may have about data protection. Contact details can be found here:

Who has access to my personal data?
In addition to you, the person who did the measurement for you, e.g. your doctor, nutritionist, or trainer has access to your data and measurement results. seca or their representatives do not have access to your personal data.

Where is my data be stored?
The measurement results and data are transferred from seca TRU or seca mBCA to the seca Cloud, which uses the ISO-certified servers of Amazon Web Services. All data is encrypted and can only be viewed by the authorized persons using current security technologies. seca's cloud solution meets the strict European and US data protection guidelines:

Does seca calculate the use of the software for me as a user?
The basic license for seca myAnalytics is free of charge.

Who will help me with technical problems?
If you cannot find an answer here you can send us an email at We will be in contact with a quick response.