seca and environmental protection:

Our red is 100% green

Our Responsibility

At seca when we say ”Nothing weighs more than life“, we are referring to more than our scales and measuring instruments. Working toward good health takes place not only in doctors‘ practices, hospitals and nursing homes, but everywhere on this planet.

Every effort that keeps you healthy is worth making. We work for your health with the same dedication and energy that have made us the world‘s market leader in medical weighing and measuring.

In good conscience

Our red is 100% green

Economical with raw materials, resources and energy.

All our devices comply with the European WEEE Directive on reducing electronic waste, the RoHS Directive, and REACH regulations. All in which restrict the use of which restrict the use of hazardous substances and require the registration, assessment, licensing and restriction of chemicals. In addition, we comply with the EU decision that prohibits use of biocide dimethylfumarate.

All accumulators and batteries in our devices comply with the EC Directive 2006/66/EC and are therefore free of cadmium and quicksilver. Compliance with these standards is checked internally and regularly audited by independent laboratories.

All seca products are nearly 100% recyclable. All components are labeled with recycling codes for reuse and the packaging is marked with the Grüner Punkt. The amount of packaging used is regularly checked and reduced to a minimum.

Customer scales taken out of service are professionally reconditioned or are properly disposed of.

Intelligent technology developed in-house at seca reduces the energy consumption of our products to a minimum. Energy savings are realized even when a device is in stand-by mode, as many seca products are equipped with an automatic shut-off function.

Keep it clean with environmental protection

Anything else would be garbage

Environmental protection begins at seca, not with the finished product but with its manufacture. From the factory to the administration building. From Hamburg to China.

We have concrete proof of the soundness of our environmental management system. For our production facilities in China we voluntarily completed the certification process outlined in ISO 14001.

Energy and environmental management has a high priority in Hamburg as well. The corporate headquarters, which has been thermally insulated in accordance with the latest insulation requirements, conserves energy and cuts down on CO2 emissions. The heating system is state-of-the-art. In the production facilities radiators in the ceilings provide ideal heat distribution. The temperature throughout the building is regulated with the help of outside sensors and operating costs are decreased with use of a workday and weekend switch-over program. Automatic shut-off for large and small power users and an intelligent lighting system also lowers wasteful energy consumption. Thanks to effective energy management, we were able to reduce our energy consumption.

Special attention is paid to the handling of trash and hazardous waste. Paper, glass and synthetics are properly separated and disposed of. Verification is mandatory for disposal of hazardous waste, which is processed via disposal channels and clearly documented as to how, where and by whom the waste was handled.

Just don't waste any energy!

Everyone is thinking together at seca

The continuous reduction of energy and raw material needs is not limited to individual seca products and production facilities. Every single employee is involved.

seca makes it easy for everyone to switch from the car to public transportation. One way is by assuming some of the costs for a transportation pass like the Proficard. Or with the program FahrradSpass, which combines environmental protection with a healthy lifestyle, and rewards employees for coming to work by bicycle.

At every workstation our top priority is the economical use of the raw material paper. We rely on e-mails, send faxes via PC only and store all our documents digitally. Many processes in ERP and the IT area are designed to leave no paper trail and to manage on very little energy.

So it is with our ThinClients (energy and resource-conserving mini PCs), which seca has been counting on for some time. Modern and ultra-modern technologies help to advance environmental protection throughout the company. Right down to the design department, where the drawing board has been replaced by the most advanced computers and all project data are managed digitally.

In harmony with nature

A service provider with environmental consciousness

Our seca service is also service for the environment. Ranging from our fleet of vehicles and packaging of replacement devices all the way to individual replacement parts.

All delivery trucks were replaced by vehicles with the newest Blue-Motion technology. In comparison to conventional technologies, these vehicles save 10 to 15% in fuel charges.

The transport containers seca service utilizes for loan devices can be used again and again.

With the new seca 360° wireless technology the service department no longer has to provide various IT services such as software updates on site, but can use remote access via Internet. For service and repair orders, seca customers can opt to replace individual components with reconditioned parts instead of new ones. seca has developed a replacement concept which helps with the choice between a new or used
part and shows that in many cases, the environmentally-friendly replacement part is the right way to go.

Delivered as ordered

Everyone bears part of the responsibility

Besides complying with RoHS and REACH regulations, seca is concerned with improving ecological conditions and optimizing the working environment.

seca avoids the use of toxic materials in all lacquers, synthetics and metals. In keeping with RoHS and REACH directives and its own exact specifications for materials and components used in production, seca excludes all hazardous substances.

All these requirements are subject to strict monitoring by in-house quality assurance and regular examination by independent institutions.

Within the scope of supply chain management, seca regularly confirms that suppliers comply with the general framework and working conditions required by procurement guidelines. This covers everything from continuous improvement in workplace safety, to the absolute exclusion of child labor, corruption and discrimination.

One thing is clear to us: everything that seca does on behalf of the environment should not just look good on paper, but should be comprehensible, verifiable and implemented 100%.

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