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Daniela Schumann

Head of Human Resources & Reception and Office

Daniela Schumann has joined seca in February 2015. Her many years of experience in the area of international human resource management make her an important strategic partner of the Executive Board.

Daniela Schumann's tasks include advising and coaching managers on HR issues. She also supports her team members in the same way when dealing with business operations. seca is highly innovative and is conquering new markets. A well thought-out HR policy that relies on qualified employees and dynamic teams is therefore a decisive factor for the success of the company.

Anne Düerkop

Junior HR Professional

Anne Düerkop has been part of the seca team since 01.12.2020 and while having recently completed her studies, already brings with her sound and long-standing experience in recruiting. She has also been able to gain further experience in operational Human Resource support in an internationally operating group.

As a junior HR professional, Ms. Düerkop will not only apply her strengths in recruiting and HR, but she will also focus on the topic of employer branding in the near future. In addition, she will support the HR team in all other HR-related issues and is a trusted contact for all colleagues.


Departamento de Recursos Humanos de seca.

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