seca 418

seca 418 Head and foot positioner

Head and foot positioner

Head and foot positioners can be easily adjusted for all-around security

seca 418

Head and foot positioner for seca baby scales

This accessory increases safety by securing baby at head and feet. Integrated handles also make it easier to transport the seca 376 and seca 374.

Product information

Technical product data and support

Technical Data

Measure (W x H x D): 205 x 148 x 69 mm , 8,1 x 5,8 x 2,7 inch
Net weight: 388 g , 0,9 lbs
Declaration of conformity
seca_dec_418+429_int.pdf seca_dec_418+429_int.pdf
seca_man_418_int.pdf seca_man_418_int.pdf

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