seca mBCA in treatment

of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

- A patient gains weight during type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment with reduced calorie intake and physical exercise? The seca mBCA shows precisely whether fat is decreasing and muscle is increasing.

With help from the medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA 515, any diabetologist can determine the patient’s fat and muscle mass development with medical precision.

Proof of this claim comes from four international studies in which the innovative diagnostic device was compared with scientific gold standards (current status: In the non-invasive bioelectrical impedance measurement, which takes less than 20 seconds, fat mass, water and skeletal muscle mass are determined and the data presented in an understandable, user-friendly form.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus often involves overweight. With fat mass measurements made by the seca mBCA, the treating physician can calculate the energy stores and determine the patient’s personal energy expenditure per day. These figures form the basis for a weight loss plan.

Whether therapy leads to a reduction in fat mass with a simultaneous increase in muscle mass can be seen in the Body Composition Chart (BCC) devised by seca. The BCC is the further development of the Body-Mass-Index (BMI). Two indices are generated for the BCC: the fat-free mass index and the fat mass index. As with the BMI, the values are expressed in relation to the patient’s height, plotted in a system of coordinates and represented in percentiles. The doctor can see at once the level in the categories of “low muscle mass,” “obesity,” “chronic lack of energy” and “high muscle mass.” At a glance the doctor can see if the therapy goal – reduction of fat and increase of muscle – has been achieved. The diabetic patient is motivated when he knows that even though his weight is not changing, his body composition is developing positively.  

The analysis of fat-free mass by means of Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIVA) facilitates early detection of other diseases such as ischemic edema due to circulatory disorders.

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