Prof. Dr. Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal and Dr. Stephen Wootton launch international science center for medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA)

seca creates platform for scientific knowledge exchange on body composition

- In reaction to the newest research findings and the growing number of nutrition and weight-related illnesses and complications, the medical community is becoming more aware of the significance of medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA). Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal and Dr. Stephen Wootton, seca is launching the mBCA science center and creating a unique platform for international information exchange at

The mBCA science center is intended for researchers, clinicians, practicing doctors and medical personnel from many specialties who are interested in the latest scientific findings and expert opinions on the subject of body composition. The goal is to become the leading international platform for this subject and to encourage the medical community to share information in a way previously unheard of.  For this reason the language used in the mBCA science center is English. Every week the experts on the Advisory Board and highly respected guest authors from around the world will post comments and assess current studies and articles. Interested persons can pose questions to the Advisory Board, exchange information in the Comments section and gather information on research results under the heading "Studies & White Papers".

Highly qualified Advisory Board guarantees top-level standards from research and hospitals
Dr. Bosy-Westphal, Director of the Institute for Applied Nutritional Science and Dietetics at the University of Hohenheim, is an internationally renowned scientist and expert in nutrition and body composition. Dr. Wootton, Associate Professor at the University of Southampton, is a specialist in clinical nutrition, who, with his scientific team, is very involved in everyday hospital work and patient care. With such a close connection between research and hospital, the use of body composition analysis has already become standard practice in Southampton.

Dr. Bosy-Westphal stated: "The scientists who have dedicated themselves to research in body composition are strewn around the world, so it is very important to have a central information platform to simplify a regular exchange among them. With the mBCA science center we provide a unique means of increasing international recognition of the significance of body composition for the hospital."

Dr. Stephen Wootton said, "Many cancer patients experience loss of lean tissue, a condition which affects their survival and quality of life. Today we still lack proper assessment, detection and treatment of malnutrition in oncology. This has to change in order to improve outcomes, especially in curative cancers. For scientists, clinicians and other medical staff, the mBCA science center is the perfect platform for sharing information about the huge potential behind body composition for diagnostics and treatment.”

seca closes the gap in scientific explanations of mBCA
The medical significance of body composition in general and the technology of bioelectrical impedance analysis specifically offer substantial added value to diagnostic support and treatment. Many different medical specialties such as oncology, nephrology, cardiology, nutrition and sports medicine profit from the precise measurement of body composition. Nevertheless, up until now the medical community has had no standard textbooks and no platform where researchers and clinicians could obtain and share information on these subjects. "As an expert in medically validated body composition analysis, seca wanted to change the situation by helping to spread knowledge of this field and heighten awareness of this fascinating material," said Dr. Michael Johannes Maisch, Chief Medical Advisor at seca. "We are pleased that we could engage the renowned experts Dr. Bosy-Westphal and Dr. Wootton, who will make the mBCA science center the number one address for everyone who wants to learn more about this subject."

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