HOSPITALAR 2015: seca mBCA starts conquering the market in Latin America

- Doctors who are seeking the gold standard for diagnostic support and therapy control in the medical analysis of body composition will find what they are looking for at this year's HOSPITALAR 2015. The focus of seca's appearance at the Brazil trade fair will be on the medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA.

HOSPITALAR is the largest medical technology and healthcare trade fair for Brazil and Latin America. It takes place in São Paulo, Brazil, from May 19 - 22, 2014 and draws more than 90,000 attendees per year. The trade fair thereby offers the seca brasil team the optimal forum for the further conquering of the market in Brazil.

At the "Rua E 91 Branco" stand the seca brasil team will be presenting how quickly and easily it is to obtain valid and precise data that can be used in the medical field with the aid of the seca mBCA. Any trade fair attendee can try out the analyzer and with then receive an easily understandable overview with all of the important measurement results on muscle mass, fat mass, and body water. This will enable all those who are interested to personally experience how practically relevant the design of the seca mBCA is.

All of the other trade fair solutions and scales presented at HOSPITALAR by seca brasil likewise have only one goal: to make daily work as easy as possible for the user. Whether it is the seca 704 column scale, the seca 757 baby scale, or the seca 211 and seca 218 measuring tapes, seca has just the right product in its range for every application. And the seca brasil team will be happy to help you choose.


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