2nd BIA Symposium 2013 in Mexico

was a complete success!

- The focus at the 2nd BIA Symposium in Mexico City was on scientific knowledge of body composition and its simple analysis with the help of the seca mBCA. For the symposium, which was held on 22 October 2013, seca mexico invited five national and three international scientists who spoke about BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and its clinical uses.

The renowned speakers were Dr. Mauro E. Valencia Juillerat (UNISON), Dr. Salvador Villalpando Hernandez (INSP), Dr. Abelardo Avila Curiel (INNCMSZ), Dr. Martha Kaufer Horwitz (INNCMSZ), Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal (Universität Hohenheim), Dr. Heliodorus Aleman-Mateo (CIAD) and medical technology engineer Martin Höfler (seca). Under the motto "The meaning of body composition in the life cycle," they explained the advantages of using BIA in the treatment of overweight and undernourished patients. The speakers also made clear that the future belongs to body composition analysis, as the information gained through BIA for diagnostics and therapy of nutrition-related disorders already enjoys worldwide acceptance. The lectures were closely followed by the audience of 320, which included nutrition experts, doctors and government officials.

Visitors to the seca stand showed great interest in the validation studies that confirm the medical precision of the seca mBCA measurements. They also paid close attention to the explanation of the seca mBCA values such as phase angle and BIVA (Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis), which show at a glance any changes in body composition.  
Of course the seca mBCA was on hand to demonstrate to symposium participants how quickly and easily the device can analyze body composition. In brief: The event was a complete success!

Additional information about seca mBCA at: mbca.seca.com


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