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Hamburg compact


Hamburg is a city of superlatives in every respect: With over 2,500 bridges, the pearl on the Alster and Elbe leads Europe in bridges with more than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined. The beautiful city with its 104 districts and the most millionaires in all of Germany is also especially green: One example of this is the Ohlsdorf cemetery, the world's largest park cemetery with 400 hectares.

The architectural sights in Hamburg include the Chile House (Chilehaus) constructed in brick expressionism, the Alster Arcade (Alsterarkaden) on the inner Alster, the modern dockland on the Elbe, the Grocers' Apartments (Krameramtswohnungen) from 1676, the Laeiszhalle (the former Music Hall Hamburg), the Curiohaus, and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in the HafenCity quarter. Hamburg's landmark is the St. Michaelis Church, called "Michel" locally.

As the world's third largest musical location, shows such as "The Lion King" are performed in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Hamburg has over 60 theaters, more than 60 museums such as the Miniature Wonderland (Miniatur Wunderland) with the world's largest model railway, and a world-renowned state opera house. The famous "Hamburg Ballet" has been at home here under the direction of John Neumeier for 40 years.

Hamburg is also especially athletic: With the HSV and the FC St. Pauli it has two association football clubs in the German Bundesliga association football league. Hamburg is also home to the "Cyclassics" cycling race, the international Hamburg Masters tennis tournament at am Rothenbaum, the German Spring Derby, and the Hamburg Marathon. Other attractions include the Hafengeburtstag celebration of the birthday of the port of Hamburg, the Altona fish market, the "Hamburger Dom" which is Northern Germany's largest folk festival, and the Schlagermove festival of popular German "Schlager" music.

Hamburg even has its own hymn ("Stadt Hamburg an der Elbe Auen"): The song, created in 1828, is also called "Hammonia". The name Hamburg itself – originating from the Hammaburg fortification in the 9th century – is derived from the old Saxon word "hamme/ham", a raised area of land rising up in the marsh on the bank of a river or swamp.

You can really fill up well in the metropolis located just one hour from the Baltic Sea: Its famous dishes include pears, beans, and bacon, Finkenwerder Scholle (pan-fried plaice), Rote Grütze (red grits), and the deliciously sticky Franzbrötchen cinnamon pastry that every true Hamburg native quickly comes to miss when far outside of the city limits.

"Moin" is understood everywhere as an informal greeting. Hamburg natives are considered to be especially hospitable. They enjoy showing off what they have: In the "most beautiful city in the world" there is always something going on. To say "goodbye" they just say "Tschüs" - with a long ü.

Semur-en-Auxois compact


According to legend Semur-en-Auxois was built atop a pink block of granite by Hercules during his return from Spain. The first written reference to the picturesque location is as "senes muros" for "the old walls" in the foundation charter of Flavigny Abbey from the year 606. Even today you will still find relics from the past everywhere in the picture-book location of Semur-en-Auxois. Take a stroll for a fantastic view of the city from the le pont Pinard and le pont Joly bridges or on the ramparts walk right along the city wall. That is where you would find the former city gate la porte Sauvigny and the Notre Dame church, a jewel of the Gothic style whose construction began in 1225. Four imposing round towers still remain from the impressive castle from the 13th century. Every year in May Semur-en-Auxois is the site of the popular medieval festival. One modern structure stands out among all the picturesque houses: That is the building housing the seca branch. Simply come on by for a coffee. You are warmly invited! If you would like, the team can also familiarize you with the latest seca product developments. 

Birmingham compact

"Hello, how do you do?"

Birmingham has been able to strip away a lot of its "industrial look" in recent years. There is no need to be bored in the hometown of the Jaguar Land Rover: Birmingham enjoys a very lively theater and art scene. It has also made a name for itself in the world of music as the birthplace of heavy metal music with bands such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Numerous other bands come from Birmingham or started their career here such as The Moody Blues, the Electric Light Orchestra, Duran Duran, and Dexys Midnight Runners. The cosmopolitan city is also a true shopping paradise: Simply start out at the Bull Ring shopping center!  For those with a sweet tooth we recommend a visit to the famous "Cadbury World" chocolate manufacturing site. The modern landmarks of Birmingham include its "Spaghetti Junction" with its confusing multitude of intersections, the Symphony Hall, and the National Exhibition Centre with more than 150 trade fairs every year: a European record! During Christmas season the "Frankfurter Markt" is also held in the city center with German works of art and German cuisine.

Los Angeles compact

"Hi, everybody!"

More than 200 movie stars have left behind their handprints and footprints on Hollywood Boulevard since 1927. Nearby lies the legendary Walk of Fame with more than 2,500 stars allowed to be placed honoring the stars of film and television. Just around the corner is where the Oscars are awarded every year.

The city of stars and starlets contains the most museums in the world. Film fans will be drawn to Universal Studios or Warner Bros. Studios. Or how about a trip out to Disneyland? The city's most exclusive shopping streets include Rodeo Drive in the suburb of Beverly Hills, where Julia Roberts went on a shopping spree with Richard Gere's credit card in the film Pretty Woman. While residents in other cities are excited about each day of nice weather, sunshine is an expected everyday occurrence for the residents of Los Angeles. At least 334 days a year. Famous resort locations with a particularly high number of stars such as Santa Monica or Malibu are collected along the 115-kilometer-long Pacific Coast of L.A. And let's not forget Venice Beach, one of the most popular beaches.

Basel compact


Due to its central location in Central Europe, Basel is of important economic significance, particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry: After Zurich, the city on the Rhine is also a prominent location for banks and insurance agencies. Basel forms a railroad hub with one of Europe's largest rail yards. With its internationally mixed population, the metropolis in the tri-national metropolitan area of Switzerland/Germany/France is friendly and open. Basel is full of tourist attractions: In addition to the old city with the Basil Minster that was consecrated in 1019 and the Minster hill with the "Pfalz" terrace, for instance, it is also worth taking a trip to the zoo or the important Art Basel art show. The three-day Carnival of Basel that starts on the Monday after Ash Wednesday with the famous "Morgenstreich" when all of the lights in the old town of Basel are turned off at 4 in the morning enjoys worldwide fame

Hangzhou compact

"Nĭ hăo!"

The biggest attraction is West Lake, which is around 500 hectares in size and is the landmark and World Heritage Site with over 60 attractions on the edge of the center. Other attractions include the Temple of Confucius and Lingyin Temple as well as the Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda) located on the north short of the Qiantang River that was built in the year 970 as a lighthouse and protection against spring tides. Visitors will quickly find what they are looking for along the traditional Hefang Old Street. You absolutely must try the green Dragon Well (Longjing) tea for which Hangzhou is world-famous. You can also buy a wonderful selection of silk here because China's sixth largest silk factory is located in Hangzhou. The local cuisine will draw you in with new treats such as the popular shrimp stir-fried with Dragon Well tea or Dongpo pork. Just ask if you are unsure: The natives are considered to be nice, modern, and approachable!

Chiba compact


Before its industrialization in the 1940s, Chiba was primarily known as the production site of soy sauce, liquor, sweet sake, and beer. In the meantime Chiba has gained importance in the steel and oil industry. It has a port and three power plants. The city is also an important railroad hub with connections to all parts of the country. The Chiba Urban Monorail is considered to be the longest suspended monorail system. Apart from the Chiba-dera there are no notable tourist attractions.

Mexico City compact

"Buenas tardes!"

Mexico City lies at an average height of 2,310 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and snow-capped volcanoes. Its UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the "floating gardens" of Xochimilco as well as the ruins of Teotihuacán with its pyramids located approximately 50 km away from the city. This is where the ancestors of the Aztecs lived. In the historic center of Mexico City now contains Constitution Square (Zócalo) in the place where the Aztec palace once stood. It is surrounded by the monumental cathedrals from 1720 and the presidential office in the National Palace. Mexico has a lot to offer culturally. Nowhere in the world is there a more active theater scene. Those looking for rest and relaxation will find it in Chapultepec Park with Chapultepec Castle on top of Chapultepec Hill. Chapultepec Zoo, the world's first zoo to successfully breed panda bears, borders the lake in Chapultepec Park.

Dubai compact

"Sabāh al-khayr!"

The oil fields were the basis for Dubai's boom that have turned it into one of Asia's most important commercial centers in the meantime. The man-made Port of Jebel Ali is considered to be the most important transshipment center in the Persian Gulf. Dubai as a travel destination is not only a perfect mecca for shopping but also stands for a successful fusion of the East and the West that combines antique heritage with a modern lifestyle. The multicultural desert city flaunts ambitious construction projects such as the artificially created Palm Islands, the planned Dubai Waterfront gigantic city district, the giant archipelago project The World, or Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper at 828 meters with 163 floors suitable for various purposes. The Burj Al Arab is one of the world's most luxurious and expensive hotels. At 321 meters it is also the fourth tallest. The old dhows, which are the traditional boats on the long estuary Dubai Creek, and the impressive spice market are sights worth seeing. Shopping tips include the shopping and interactive center Souq Al Bahar in oriental style with over 130 businesses and the numerous high-end boutiques at the Dubai Mall. When evening falls in Dubai the Dubai fountains perform a very special spectacle combining water, light, and music. Outside of the city lies the desert that draws in sightseers with its fascinating breadth and unforgettable sunrises.The seca Dubai team recommends eating at  one of the fantastic Indian restaurants or enjoying a day at the "Wild Wadi" water park.

Sao Paulo compact

"Bom dia!"

The Paulistanos pride themselves on being the country’s economic engine. They alone are responsible for one-third of economic growth in Brazil. A derisive saying claims that the Paulistanos have to run at a constant pace just to stay on the heels of the rapidly growing city.

Sao Paulo is not only Brazil’s economic hub, but also the country’s cultural and culinary center. More than 12,000 restaurants with local and international cuisines and relatively affordable prices are spread throughout the municipal area. In addition to many events, the city also offers 150 theaters, 90 museums and 55 cinemas. The Museu de Arte São Paulo (MASP) is one of South America’s most important art museums.

Espoo compact

"Hyvää päivää!"

Espoo covers an area of 330 square kilometers, which contains 95 lakes. The city lacks an historically evolved core, but has several local centers. To the south lies a picturesque rocky coast while the sparsely settled northern section boasts the Nuuksio National Park with cliffs, forests and moors. The park, by the way, is the home of the largest population of the European flying squirrel, which has folds of skin between front paws and feet that allow it to glide through the air for distances of up to 80 meters.

Bogotá compact

"Buen día!"

Bogotá is nearly as large as New York, but not as well-known. Yet the capital of Colombia, so important as the country’s economic and cultural center, is certainly comparable to metropolises such as San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Dubai.

As is often the case in cities with rapid growth, a strong contrast between old and new can be seen in Bogotá. Centuries-old colonial buildings stand in the shadows of modern skyscrapers. The multi-faceted culture of the city is influenced by the legacy of former Spanish colonial powers, native inhabitants, Africans and the British. A tourist magnet is La Candelaria, the old part of the city with the monumental Plaza de Bolivar, but there’s also plenty to discover in the many fruit markets and museums, like the Gold Museum. If you need to recover after a stroll around town, you can find refuge in one of the scenic parks, which are located throughout Bogotá. A typical park that’s very popular with the natives is the Parque El Varrey, right across from our branch office.

Kuala Lumpur compact

"Selamat siang!"

The modern skyscrapers symbolize the economic rise and the self-confidence of the former British colony. The city’s landmark is the Petronas Towers, which at 452 meters, are the highest twin towers in the world. If you want to visit the towers, buy a ticket early in the morning because only a limited number of visitors are permitted entry.

Beyond the soaring glass facades, you can admire many other cultural and architectural treasures whose interplay is unique. Today approximately half of the city’s residents are Muslim and the other half Buddhist Chinese and smaller numbers of Hindi Indians and Christians. The religious diversity is reflected in the city’s Oriental mosques, Chinese pagodas and Buddhist temples. An excursion tip is a visit to the Perdana Botanical Gardens, the oldest park in Kuala Lumpur. In the 92-hectare park, you can wander among palm groves while you observe the wild monkeys, practice tai chi with the locals or simply enjoy the fantastic view of the city.