seca Brand Guidelines


The logo is always portrayed in seca red and placed together with the claim. With regard to the brand logo, it must be ensured that the greatest possible contrast to the background is achieved.

For any applications the seca logo is at the upper right hand corner.

The protected zone around the seca logo with the claim:

If a motif is used as a background, or if the background is very dark, the seca logo may be used in white due to exceptional circumstances.


The colour scheme of seca consists of seca red for the logo and the URL in the tag line.
Black stands for typography and white is used as the platform.
Gray tones are used as support, e. g. as backgrounds for cut-outs.

seca red

CMYK: 0/100/100/0
Pantone 485C
HEX: #ee1c25
RGB: 238/28/37

seca grey

CMYK: 2/0/0/7
HEX: #eef0f2
RGB: 238/240/242


CMYK: 0/0/0/100
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0


CMYK: 0/0/0/0
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255/255/255


For presentations or other means of communication where it is not possible to use the company font "seca global" Arial is available as the system font. It is used in the font styles Arial Regular and Arial Bold.

The typography is always wrapped as a ragged margin, aligned solely to the left and set in mixed notation. Arial Regular is used for this purpose.

Arial Bold is used for active text notations.


Example typo sizes for DIN-A4:

Headline 36 Pt.
Subline 26 Pt. / 19 Pt.
Copy 10 Pt.
Caption 7 Pt.


seca's imagery stands for clarity, created by reducing and using a lot of white space.

The product images are available as cut-outs for all seca products. They have no depth of focus, are very well illuminated, have clear image axes and a natural, slight drop shadow. They are preferably placed on a gray background to give the product a firm uniform platform.

The user images form our products in a spatial context with and without people. The seca red is used in a targeted manner as an accent colour, for example with employee clothing or accessories. It is important to pay attention to natural and neutral skin tones.


Inspired by technical drawings, the seca icons are very reduced, have a designed style and consist of as few elements as possible. Information and interactions are presented in a simple and direct manner. The fine contour has a consistent strength and spaces are not used. Icons are inserted in black.

All icons are placed within an invisible square base space. It defines the respective icon size and helps with the placement and orientation.

In print media (brochures, ads, etc.), the icons have a line thickness of 0.5 pt.

seca Logos

The EMR symbol is the only icon that is used in red. It is placed in the context of an integration product. In addition, other logos are assigned depending on the product, e.g. design prices.


In tables, rows are separated by horizontal lines with a thickness of 0.3 pt. White columns are inserted in between to distinguish the cells from one another.

If related information is recorded in a table, e.g. technical data about a product, the horizontal line at the very top and bottom is not separated by the white column. The table is then completed at the top and bottom by a solid line.

If there is a comparison between e.g. individual products or other services the columns are separated from one another.


The "+" character is used instead of bullet points.

The list is used for a keyword-like, short and concise description of a product or service.


Eye-catchers are displayed as a non-filled circle with a red contour. If the eye-catcher is on an image, the circle is filled with a 50% transparent white space. This way the background shines through it.

The contour thickness depends on the characteristic of the font size. The font inside is set in seca light centered in seca red.

Communication Media

Content is king! Short and concise.

These are the new rules of thumb for all seca media.




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