seca américa latina: seca opens 13th branch office

Antonio Cordova

- Effective immediately, Latin America is enjoying closer customer service in all matters involving precise measuring and weighing. Following up on the success of two other branches in the region (Mexico and Brazil), seca has opened seca américa latina in Bogotá Colombia.

With the new branch the company advances its expansion in global growth markets. The founding of seca américa latina is an important step in ensuring long-term success in this region, where seca is already the market leader.

General Manager of seca américa latina Antonio Cordova is responsible for all countries in Latin America except Mexico and Brazil. Internally, the office in Bogotá is part of the Sales Partners department under the direction of Andreas Schneider. Antonio, who previously worked as Area Sales Manager in the region, has the required market know-how.

With personal local service and closer contact to users, seca anticipates an increase in customer satisfaction, greater development of the markets and continued growth in Latin America.


Biuro prasowe seca.

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