seca 360° wireless – high-end solutions for height and weight

high-end solutions for height and weight.

- Medical technology and information technology are growing together. The electronic patient record has become a reality and doctors increasingly rely on knowledge-based support. With the product system seca 360° wireless, seca offers a futuristic solution for matters involving height and weight measurements.

The product system seca 360° wireless ensures accurate measurements of height and weight. Furthermore, the wireless products offer process optimization in workflow management through paperless and error-free data transmission and integration in data management systems. The seca software, for example, can process patient data read in via a barcode scanner. The PC software provides computer-assisted diagnostics and therapy planning. With all these features the seca 360° wireless products streamline routine procedures and prevent errors.

seca 360° wireless system expansions.
The seca 360° wireless product system is still growing! Now the multi-function scale seca 685/684 and the wheelchair scale seca 677/676 are wireless! Both scales are indispensible weighing solutions for frail or unsteady patients who have trouble stepping onto or standing on a scale.


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