seca 704

seca 704 Measuring rod

Measuring rod

Optional telescopic measuring rod.

seca 704

360° view:
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seca 704

Column scales with wireless data transmission, capacity up to 300 kilograms

Weighing small children to obese patients – the seca 704 can do it all. Especially when it comes to finding out BMI and height. There are two options: integrate a mechanical measuring rod or receive data wirelessly from a separate digital stadiometer. Other advantages include the high load bearing capacity of up to 300 kg for heavier patients, the large and flat platform and time-saving functions Pre-TARE, HOLD, auto-HOLD and mother/child-function. With everything primed for the future and integration in EMR using the seca 360° wireless.

Brand new: Now available as

  • seca 704 s with integrated measuring rod
  • seca 704 r with integrated RS232 interface


Products designed down to the last detail.

Example applications

With the seca 360° wireless technology and the press of a key, the seca 704 can send measurements to an optional seca 360° wireless printer or seca software on the PC.

Example applications

Practical castors permit mobile use.

Example applications
Example applications

Product information.

Technical product data and support.

Technical Data

Approval class: III (3)
Capacity: 300 kg
Graduation (g): 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
Power supply: Battery, Power adapter
Measure (W x H x D): 360 x 930 x 520 mm
Net weight: 14,9 kg
Functions and Properties: PRINT, Overload protection, Auto-PRINT, Transport custors, TARE, Auto-clear, Pre-TARE, Mother/Child function, HOLD, Auto-HOLD, BMI, Automatic switch-off, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Acoustic signals can be activated, Damping, Auto-SEND
CE: CE 0109, 0123
Declaration of conformity.
seca_dec_704.pdf seca_dec_704.pdf
seca_man_704_int.pdf seca_man_704_int.pdf
Product sheet.
seca_pst_704_en_int.pdf seca_pst_704_en_int.pdf
Revit files.
seca_rev-file_703_704 seca_rev-file_703_704
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seca integration workflow
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