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Dr. med. Philip Michel

MedPrevio, Rostock

Very often a chronic inflammation is associated with a high visceral fat percentage and low muscle mass. The seca mBCA delivers a real gain of information for the treatment of my patients with chronic diseases.

Dr. med. Philip Michel manages to control the chronic diseases of his patients with nutrition counseling. The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA 515) helps him determining the proportion of his patients visceral fat, as well as the course of their skeletal muscle mass. In his treatment Dr. Michel has found a strong partner, the Bodymed-concept, which enables patients to – medically accompanied – reach and keep their ideal weight.

Dieter Grübner

Owner Persystema
Persystema - Fitness, Gesundheit & Lebensbalance, Hamburg

In the interdisciplinary studio of Persystema in Hamburg the owner Dieter Grübner offers not only fitness, but also an integral approach with a focus on health and life balance. He uses the seca mBCA 515 to measure the body composition as a part of the anamnesis to confirm therapy success.

Nelly Kreß

Nutrition Consultant
Berlin, Germany

Nelly Kreß, nutritional consultant in Berlin, can no longer imagine her work without an examination of the body composition. Due to the medical validation and the use in university hospitals, the choice of the seca mBCA was easy for her and her patients are also convinced of the value of this method.

Tram Nguyen, MD

Medical Director
DPC Healthcare
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

In a patient-focused setting, Dr. Nguyen, MD, and her colleagues use seca’s medical body composition analyzer in addition to blood tests to quickly determine a patient’s state of health. Patients gratefully experience a reduction in their daily medicine intake and an improvement in their quality of life.

Gideon Remfry

Wellness Director
KX and KXU
London, UK

We looked at bio-impedance. seca is at the top of the field of what they're doing.

Measuring body composition is really important as part of how we show our Strength, Yoga and U-cycle group exercisers how they are achieving their results and goals. We have additionally used the seca measurements to assess the success of our KXU medispa whole body cryo therapy and red light PhotoBioModulation (infrared red) treatments with excellent results. There are numerous ways of testing and we have found the seca mBCA the most robust method of bioimpedance thus far.

David Nieman, PhD

Director, Human Performance Lab
Appalachian State University
Boone, North Carolina, USA

When I was going through the data about the studies that had shown the accuracy and validity – all of that together made me go with the seca device.

David Nieman, PhD, Director of the Human Performance Lab at the Appalachian State University in Kannapolis, NC uses the seca mBCA in his human performance research. The body composition analysis provides him with accurate information about a test subject's fat mass, fat-free mass, and skeletal muscle mass.

Obtaining a value of Resting Energy Expenditure can be quite involved. Traditionally, this value is determined with the use of a metabolic chamber or metabolic cart. Research has shown, though, that one can determine RMR using the fat-free mass of a test subject. David Nieman, PhD, Director of the Human Performance Lab at Appalachian State University is using a seca mBCA 514 medical body composition analyser to accurately determine the fat-free mass and thus come to the RMR in seconds, rather than the more time intensive but less accurate methods using a metabolic chamber or cart.

Felice Gersh, MD

Medical Director
Integrative Medical Group of Irvine
California, USA

It's pretty powerful when you get to show a patient that they have lost all of this fat [...] It has been a wonderful tool to implement with our fasting patients.

Felice Gersh, Medical Director at the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, describes how she uses body composition analysis on Patients that are on the Fasting Mimicking Diet. She has been able to confirm with the seca mBCA 514 that patients lose predominantly fat and not lean muscle mass.

Felice Gersh of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, CA declares her goal to prevent changes in body composition of menopausal women by utilizing the seca mBCA 514. This medical device gives her insights into the development of her patient's fat mass, fat-free mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, phase angle and water weight and helps her in determining how to respond with the appropriate hormone therapy.

David Voellinger, MD

Bariatric Surgeon
Novant Health
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The percentage of body fat and the percentage of body muscle is way more important clinically than a number on a scale.

David Voellinger, MD, describes the shift in focus from a weight loss (BMI) based practice to a body composition based workflow. "The percentage of body fat and the percentage of body muscle is way more important clinically than a number on a scale.

David Voellinger, MD describes the value of body composition analysis in clinical application. He speaks to his use of the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) pre-op and the value of being able to determine the development of fat mass and skeletal muscle mass independently when determining an individualized weight loss regimen for his patients. He appreciates the four-extremities display of muscle mass and the ability to determine whether a patient’s water weight is mostly held in muscle or if it is water otherwise retained in the body.

Gary Donovitz, MD

CEO and Founder of BioTE Medical
BioTE Medical
Irving, Texas, USA

The body composition analyzer by seca is a great confirmation that what we are doing is working. 

When I decided to add in a strategic partner in that sort of field of body composition analysis, we felt like seca had the best formula. secas's is medically validated, no one else's was.

Gary Donovitz, MD, founder and CEO of BioTE Medical describes the importance of validated medical body composition analysis with the seca mBCA514 during hormone therapy.

Dr. Suzanne Turner, MD, FAARM, ABAARM

Founder and Medical Director
Vine Medical Associates
Roswell, Georgia, USA

In the complex symphony of interactions that are the human body, it is paramount to find an objective "before and after" guide to monitor therapy. We evaluate patients presenting for weight loss, heart disease, chronic infections, hormone replacement therapy, diabetes and more using the seca mBCA. The assessment is simple and quick, the report is easy to understand and explain to patients. The subsequent evaluations are helpful to guide adjustments in care when other tools are less specific, and patients are encouraged by the measured progress beyond the scale or confirmation that their efforts have not been in vain.

Tracey and Thom Downing

Owners, Athletic Trainers
Los Altos, CA, USA

The seca mBCA provides an efficient, non-invasive method to accurately measure body composition. As a results focused training facility, we had previously relied upon calipers which can have a great deal of variability or hydrostatic and DEXA scans which are not as easily accessed. Often times, clients are initially adding muscle mass without reducing body fat. This is to be expected but can be frustrating to see weight on a traditional scale increasing. Having a tool that enables us to track not only total body weight but body composition, segmental body fat and hydration; has helped us validate clients efforts aiding them in maintaining/increasing motivation, adherence and effort.

Doctor Marco Paulo de Benedetto

Modernst – Medicina Integrativa
Maringá, Brazil

What fascinates me most about the seca mBCA is that the result is already presented in sarcopenia and hydration charts. Together with the phase angle, this gives an adequate picture of the state of health. The precision of the values ​​is impressive. The results support my trainings and meet my expectations. The Body Mass Index (BMI) has already contributed a lot to medicine, but needs updating and modernization. The medical analysis of body composition is this progress. In the not-too-distant future, we will have an mBCA in every healthcare facility. I am very grateful that this progress is part of my life and my patients.

Romyna La Rosa vásquez

Romyna La Rosa – Endocrinología y Nutrición
Lima, Peru

The mBCA allows me to differentiate important structures of body composition analysis by ethnicity, genre, age, weight, height and physical activity which creates a huge differentiation and allows knowing the percentage of fat, muscle and water to generate a successful treatment.

Ms Thais Hann

Consultório Nutricional Thais C. Hann
Palmitos, Brazil

Currently, the evaluation of body composition plays a fundamental role in nutritional anamnesis and prescription of personalized and adequate food plans for the individual needs of each patient; while additionally monitoring the evolution presented during the proposed treatment period. In this way the seca mBCA has become indispensable in the clinical routine of our office, counting on speed, precision and medical reliability.

Dr. Ellen Stehouwer and James Mange

Doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), Weight Management
Kitsap Medical Weight Loss
Poulsbo, WA, USA

The seca mBCA was definitely the right choice for starting our Medical Weight Loss practice. As clinicians, it gives us everything we need with enhanced precision and reliability. As business owners looking to provide a fabulous patient experience, the design of the mBCA is very accommodating for even our largest patients, and the hand rails are perfect for providing balance and support. The analysis is quick and easy for them, and generates custom reports with graphs to help in understanding their progress.

Dr. Ryan Brady, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional & Anti-aging Medicine, NUCCA Chiropractic
VIOR Life & Aesthetics
Miami, Florida, USA

A thorough patient assessment lays the foundation for designing a customized treatment protocol. For patients undergoing HRT & TRT - the seca mBCA is an excellent tool to assess water weight vs. muscle mass fluctuations, lending further insight into aromatization and resultant interventions. With the vast changes occurring throughout the body; it’s essential to monitor water retention to accurately assess how a patient is responding to treatment. The quick and comparative study that the mBCA provides assists in determining the best approach to optimize therapy.

Dr. Rodolfo Camargo

Nutritionist and biochemist
Nutrition for fitness and performance
São Paulo, Brazil

The seca mBCA 515 surprised me by the easiness, quickness and quality of the results measured in patients from different origin and body composition. Adhesion to treatment is greater once the results are presented in an easy-to-understand report. I am very satisfied with the acquisition and recommend it to everyone who is in the clinic.

Dr. Michelle M. Starke

The Center of Gynecology & Restorative Medicine
Coral Gables, Florida, USA

The seca directprint is the ideal screening tool for assessing everyday patients. The educational printout is informative and in return, facilitates further analysis using our seca medical Body Composition Analyzer. This helps break the tradition of just using scale weight and allows me to conduct a deeper patient assessment, while tracking meaningful changes.  Not only has the system helped to differentiate my practice, but it has also aided in generating revenue.

M.Sc. Nutrition Petra Pazin

Specialisation in Weight Management
Polyclinic Bagatin
Zagreb, Croatia

We have been using seca mBCA for over one year now and for us the BIA measurement method offers a quick scan with precision and reliable results. The seca mBCA is used in our clinic as a diagnostic tool prior to any kind of aesthetic treatment with which we monitor all patients results throughout therapy. We chose the seca mBCA because as an aesthetic clinic, it is important for us to monitor obese patients and their body composition in order to evaluate changes in body weight through differences between fat, muscles and fluid compartments with a main focus on fat mass reduction. The seca mBCA is very easy and practical to use, with it we get an individualized and specialized approach to every patient.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Horbach

Chief Surgeon of the Center of Expertise for General and Visceral Surgery
Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth
Fürth, Germany

In our specialty clinic we primarily use the seca mBCA for severely obese or malnourished patients. One important factor of the therapy program is motivating patients to come to terms with their diagnosis. This works excellently with the mBCA. The precise analysis of body composition as well as the clearly structured presentation and comparability of the measurement values help patients to recognize their physical condition and actively support the therapeutic target. The device is not complicated to use and the measurements are fast and very precise. It can therefore be integrated into the workflow very well. The high stability of the seca mBCA offers good safety for severely obese patients during the measurement process.

Dr. Wendy Rashidi

Holistic and BioIdentical Hormone Consultations
Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment
Women's View Medical Group
Upland, Ca, USA

Since we’ve incorporated the seca directprint into our workflow, we have seen a higher percentage of patients become actively engaged in managing their weight. Using the measuring system in combination with our seca medical Body Composition Analyzer has assisted with increasing the overall number of BIA analysis’ that we perform each month. Not only does this support my practice with bringing in more revenue, but my patients are provided with a one-page report that assists with tracking their results throughout their weight loss journey.

Dr. med. Dietmar Schubert

General and sports medicine
Practice of Dr. Dietmar Schubert
Ehingen, Germany

Muscles as a motor for life functions through their energy production are the focus of overall assessments of how functional and thereby how healthy a person is. The BIA measurement method offers fast and reliable data on this. With the aid of the seca mBCA we can use non-invasive means to identify how muscles are behaving in their quantitative and qualitative target and actual range. Our patients value this fast and uncomplicated measurement method. It helps to provide motivation for weight regulation, weight loss and monitoring the effects of training. The seca mBCA measurement method is indispensable from our practice. Rather, it has become a focus of our diagnostics.

Dean Prof. Zbigniew Borysiuk

Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy
Opole University of Technology
Opole, Poland

We bought the seca mBCA in 2015. It is an innovative device that stands out through a wide variety of parameters and easy handling. The big advantage of the seca mBCA is its integrated scale. The 8 electrodes conduct a quick body composition analysis in just 17 seconds. The seca mBCA 515 measures up to 19 frequencies. The seca mBCA 515 is used in our faculty for research and teaching. The students become familiarized with the use of the device over the course of their studies and also learn to analyze the results that are generated.

Mgr. Dorota Grzebisz

Jemy nie tyjemy
Poznań, Poland

We have been working using the seca mBCA 515 for several years. The device is very reliable. The most important features are the precision and reproducibility of the results. These enable us to identify the early stages of metabolic illnesses such as cachexia, hyperhydration and dehydration as well as muscle development and loss. We are very satisfied with the seca mBCA 515 and are happy to recommend it to others.

Nelly Kress

Nutrition Consultant
Berlin, Germany

The personal patient printout I generate using the seca measuring station is the perfect basis for the first consultation. The following expert analysis with the seca mBCA 515 is an important part of my service for the patients and the most convenient way to evaluate their health status.

Nandini Agarwal

Head of Technology
Mihtra Wellness Private Limited
Karnataka, India

The integration service of seca optimized our daily measurements and made our workflow seamless. It reduced user intervention considerably, by eliminating the need for double data entry, thereby, reducing user fatigue and subsequent data entry errors.

Dr. Leonardo Alemán Cruz

Director of the Centro de Rehabilitación del CIS La Pradera
(Rehabilitation Centre at the La Pradera International Health Centre)
Havana, Cuba

We have many patients in rehabilitation, where the predisposing factors are analysed, which are used to define the rehabilitation treatment and assess its effectiveness. Individualised physical rehabilitation is defined on a daily basis for a period of three months, and this includes an exercise programme for muscle re-education, deep oscillation and electrical stimulation. Before starting any rehabilitation treatment we carry out an analysis with the Seca mBCA and always after two cycles of rehabilitation, after every two months of treatment, we perform another body composition analysis. The effectiveness of the rehabilitation treatments is evaluated by conventional goniometry, electrical bioimpedance analysis after 30 seconds with the Seca mBCA equipment in the "Function/Rehabilitation" section; this shows that the Seca mBCA medical grade body composition analyser is a useful tool in the assessment of treatment, as it shows the improvement in the patient’s metabolic parameters.

Dr. med. Mariusz Teter

Body Composition Studies Laboratory, Chair and Department of Human Physiology
Medical University of Lublin
Lublin, Poland

We bought a seca mBCA 515 multi-frequency compartmental body composition analyser from Vitako Sp. z o.o. for use in a research project. The seca mBCA 515 is made to a high standard and is easy to use. The touchscreen display is clear and logical, allowing data to be entered quickly and accurately. The integrated scales, which have a weighing capacity of up to 300 kg, are a very important feature. They enable body composition to be analysed in relation to exact measurements of actual body weight, and the eight fixed electrodes allow an accurate analysis to be made in only 19 seconds. The use of fixed electrodes means that the cost per analysis is very low. In view of these qualities and our preliminary evaluation based on use of the seca mBCA 515 in our research we are sure that it represents the future of body composition screening for healthy subjects and sportspeople as well as for patients. We recommend it.

Dr. Arnaldo Hurtado L.

Medical Nutritionist
Nutritional Media
Lima, Peru

For me, the seca mBCA is a diagnostic tool which, by means of a quick and easy scan, enables me to obtain very useful and precise results regarding a patient’s body composition. These details can tell me about a patient’s progress, whether the weight loss is healthy, the condition of the muscle mass, and the phase angle, which has a prognostic value in terms of health. Extremely useful for our bariatric surgery patients and overweight patients who are following a balanced diet.

Małgorzata Berkowicz

Nutritionist and TCM Specialist
Jasło, Poland

The seca mBCA 515 is the best bioelectrical impedance body composition analyser I have ever used. It helps me every day in my work with patients who have health problems such as autoimmune disease, insulin resistance and thyroid disease. It is simple to use and measures the most important parameters, allowing precise monitoring of changes taking place in patients. The medical validation of the machine guarantees that the results I receive are very precise and, more importantly, reliable. Another useful feature is the clear and easy to understand printout of results which the patient receives. For me as a nutritionist it is also extremely useful to be able to print out the results as a comparative table, an option which was added with the last update.

Dr. Noor Al-Busaidi

Director of National Diabetes and Endocrine Centre
​​​​​​​President of Oman Diabetes Association
Muscat, Oman

With the seca mBCA we can monitor the treatment response of nutritional therapies for our patients in a much more detailed way then just relying on controlling their body weight. At the same time it helps also our patients to stay focused and motivated.

Dr. Amy Articolo

Weigh Under
Voorhees Township, New Jersey

The ergonomic design of the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) helps us to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all types of patients. The handrail acts as a standing aid and provides a secure grip for patients to hold onto while being measured, and its wide weighing platform ensures that patients are offered the required space for their measurement. The mBCA’s unique design assists us to achieve patient satisfaction in our medical practice.

Dr. Ana Carolina Baez Abbott

Responsible for Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Executive Health Plan
CEDIMAT Plaza de la Salud
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

It's currently located in the area of Executive Health Plan (which is a kind of preventive plan): Executive Plan, Hemodialysis patients (an evaluation per month). Currently (until early 2015), we have 73 patients in this program, Bariatric surgery patients (in preoperative evaluation, and regularly in postoperative), Patients with heart failure without a pacemaker, Athletes, Physical rehabilitation and cardiovascular patients. Advantages of seca mBCA: It allows us to measure our patients' true and real body composition. Useful in: Determining fat fraction and its relationship to overweight and diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, Assessing and monitoring weight loss in patients undergoing conventional or surgical treatments, Evaluating intra and extracellular water in patients with heart and kidney disease, Evaluating muscle mass in patients undergoing physical rehabilitation and athletes, When combined with biochemical parameters, cardiovascular risk. All this information helps us to choose different therapeutic approaches.

Prof. Dr. Heiner Boeing

Head of the Department of Epidemiology
German Institute of Human Nutrition
Potsdam-Rehbrücke, Germany

Member of the Steering Committee of the National Epidemiological cohort study
Potsdam, Germany

The seca mBCA can be recommended especially due to its precision of measurements for use in scientific studies. We have chosen this device, for example for measuring body composition in the German National Cohort, a long-term population study with planned 200.000 attendees. The seca measurement results provide body composition (fat mass and fat-free mass) or the determination of total body water in comparison with the gold standard in a very good way. The instrument itself needs only a few seconds to measure, is fast and simple to use and the measurement requires no elaborate preparation from the test persons or patients. Moreover, the seca mBCA delivers additional parameters with regards to the individual body components that can be valuable for the test person or the operator of the device.

Jorge Enrique Correa-Bautista, Msc.,PhD.

Director of the measurment of physical activity Study Center (CEMA)
Director of the Master's Program in physical activity and healthcare
School for medicine and healthcare sciences
University Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Through the seca mBCA product and software and thanks to its characteristics I have contributed to establish the body obesity measuring in our university, in order to obtain an effective strategic and early estimation of the risk of obesity.

Rebecca Culpin

Renal Lead Nurse
Broomfield Hospital Renal Unit
Chelmsford, UK

Rebecca Culpin, Renal Lead Nurse in the Broomfield Hospital Renal Unit based in Essex, is enjoying the benefits of the seca mBCA since 2014. The seca mBCA + the software seca analytics 115 is mainly used in her Renal Unit for diagnostic support with complex Renal patients to help clinicians make decisions on fluid management, haemodialysis and nutritional status.

Yanell Deturnell Campo

BSc., MSc (Coautor)
Departamento de Kinantropometría
Instituto de Medicina del Deporte
Instituto Nacional de Deportes y Recreación
La Habana, Cuba

With the seca mBCA a contribution to the study of bioelectric characteristics of Cuban elite athletes has been done and new knowledge has been introduced that will be leveraged in the practice and teaching of sports sciences which - so far - had no research with BIA in Cuban athletes. The research yielded a wealth of reference data for a wide range of indicators to be used in the daily practice of laboratories using the same device. BIA from the seca mBCA showed benefits for the longitudinal study of athletic populations and study the process of hydration in Cuban elite athletes.

Mike Elliott

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Assistant ATC
Phoenix Suns
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The seca mBCA has helped speed up the process of measuring all of our athletes versus our past method using calipers. The reliability of being able to have multiple trainers use the device and knowing that it is always consistent and the results are reproducible because of the fixed handrail positioning, really helps to simplify our workload. Instead of measuring athletes on a bi-monthly basis, I am now able to measure them weekly and review trend analysis on their body fat, lean mass, and hydration levels. This valuable data allows me to customize each athletes’ training program and further educate them on nutrition and recovery strategies between practices and games.

Dr. Suzanne Doyle

Clinical Research Dietitian & Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
St. James's Hospital
Dublin, Ireland

The allied health research team at the Clinical Research Facility at St James’s Hospital Dublin have been utilising the seca mBCA + the software seca analytics 115 since 2014. The seca mBCA is used in a number of different research programmes, including a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme for cancer survivors. It allows the team to accurately monitor changes in body composition which is essential when investigating the effectiveness of nutrition and physical activity interventions.

Ms. Hamda Al Zuhair

Manager Clinical Dietetics Department

Ms. Joana Hamdan

Clinical & Sports Dietician
Saad Specialist Hospital
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Especially for the nutritional assessment of the patients from our Bariatric Surgery Center, the mBCA helps us to monitor the nutritional therapy in a more comprehensive way.

Jacques Imbeau

Fellow Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine
Director – Integrative Centre for Dental & Natural Health
Auckland, New Zealand

The seca mBCA is an excellent clinical tool providing reproducible and reliable information on body composition. It is in a class by itself. Combined with the seca wireless stadiometer seca 274, it is easy and quick to use and produces relevant data that can then be applied to a clinical diagnosis, as a motivational tool for patients and for monitoring of treatment results. It is particularly good to assist in the diagnosis of sarcopenic obesity as well as other chronic conditions underlined by metabolic dysfunction.

Rikki Keen

Sports Dietitian, Coach Tom Shaw
ESPN Wide World of Sports
Team Performance Nutritionist
Sports Medicine Team Member
Orlando Health

Beyond offering an easy and quick method of analyzing body fat and lean mass over time, the most important improvement the seca mBCA provides me with is valuable data to focus on hydration, both extracellular and intracellular, measuring fluid shifts and overall hydration status for my athletes. Hydration guidelines are very individual, so I can further customize and educate each athlete based on these numbers by adjusting fluid intake, electrolytes and/or nutrients that may affect fluid shifts.

Dr. Nadia Ahmad

Internal Medicine, Obesity Specialist
Obesity Medicine Institute
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Bio Impedance Analysis is in general a fast and uncomplicated way to evaluate a patients` weight loss. We chose the seca mBCA for our clinic since it fulfills extremely high standards with regards to its precision and reproduceability. Especially the differentiation between fat, muscles and water gives me and my patients a much more comprehensive understanding of their weight loss instead of just considering the BMI. We are using the mBCA along with the seca software and the 264 stadiometer. For me an ideal combination which supports me on a daily basis while working with our patients.

Mr. Mahmoud al Bakri
Ms. Ola al Mansi

Life Essense Diet Center
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

In our Diet Center we use the mBCA to offer our patients a special service and to keep them motivated. The accurate results help us also get a better understanding of the weight loss which we can not get by simply considering the BMI.

Lic. Claudia Méndez Delgado

Nutritionist and coordinator of career
Universidad Latina de México
Escuela de nutrición
Celaya, Guanajuato, México

The mBCA has been a very helpful tool to offer our patients a more complete and accurate evaluation of their nutrition state. The equipment gives us nutritionist important data to use in the nutrition altreat ment of our patients and information that allows us to assess the impact and follow up of our patient streat ments. Another great benefit we have while using the MBCA now is monitoring already diagnosed patients and their illnesses. It’s such a perfect tool for obtaining fast and reliable information of several patients at the same time. We worked with the police corp, 800 individuals their evaluation was automatically stored where needed in no time at all! The graphics and coloring of the evaluations are easily understood by the patients.

Souzan Najm

Health Plus Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
Abu Dhabi

We at Health Plus Diabetes and Endocrinology Center use the seca mBCA in order to improve the quality of the nutritional assessment and to evaluate changes in body weight in a more qualitative way.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Radermacher

Chief medical officer
Clinic for Nephrology and Hypertension
Minden, Germany

The seca mBCA provides an additional possibility to monitor dry weight in dialysis patients. I am able to detect dehydration as well as fluid overloads. In my opinion the seca mBCA is the clinical gold standard for assessing dry weight. We apply the measurement every three months in eligible patients and I then receive all relevant information. I use the device for controlling dialysis patients. The measurments are carried out by a nutritionist who is employed in our center.

Dr. Matthias Riedl, MD

Diabetologist, Nutritional Physician
Medical Director for Internal Medicine and CEO of Medicum Hamburg MVZ GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

During control of an obesity therapy, the medicum Hamburg relies on the BIA measuring from seca, as it delivers fast and reliable validated data. The patients appreciate the visualization of their health and nutritional status. This highly supports the motivation during the therapy treatment. This offer is used increasingly also by athletes to monitor their body constitution. The seca mBCA allows us to see if patients are adhering our requirements. The main therapy objective - especially for obese patients - is a reduction of fat mass while increasing muscle mass. These values can easily be assessed with the seca mBCA. Patients, who did not manage to reduce overall weight, may have lost fat mass while gaining muscles. This is a great success for the patients, which we would not have detected without the seca mBCA.

Stephan A. Schreiber

Diabetologist DDG
Diabetes center Schreiber
Quickborn and Itzehoe, Germany

The results of the seca mBCA provide a plus on information and an enrichment of my thoughts for the therapy of my patients.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Schultes

Specialist in Internal medicine, Endocrinology,
Diabetology, and nutritional medicine eSwiss
St. Gallen, Switzerland

The use of the seca mBCA is very valuable in our clinical practice, where we need to monitor changes in body composition, e.g. during weight loss programs including dietary restriction and bariatric surgery as well as during nutritional support therapies in malnourished patients. Results of the respective analysis often provide a most motivating feedback for our patients. Its easy and fast application makes it an elegant tool in nutritional medicine that we would not like to miss.

Phd João Lindo Simões

Aveiro University - Escola Superior de Saúde

The assessment of fat mass as well as the muscle mass of the lower limbs with the seca mBCA allows to estimate the prognostic potential of rehabilitation in people with osteoarthritis of the hip joint.

Tomi Tuominen

Sales Team Leader & International Personal trainer,
Indoor rowing Finnish Champion 2013 (LW 30-39)
Fysioline Tampere, Finland

Measurement is fast, accurate and reliable. seca mBCA is also very easy to use. I would like to say  “Personal Trainer´s new best friend”.

Zohair Ali Al Arabi

Clinical Dietician Supervisor
Hamad Medical Corporation,
Doha, Qatar

The seca mBCA is a great tool for all our patients with nutritional disorders since it is easy to use, accurate and focused on the essential parameters.


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