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Dr. med. Philip Michel

MedPrevio, Rostock

Very often a chronic inflammation is associated with a high visceral fat percentage and low muscle mass. The seca mBCA delivers a real gain of information for the treatment of my patients with chronic diseases.

Dr. med. Philip Michel manages to control the chronic diseases of his patients with nutrition counseling. The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA 515) helps him determining the proportion of his patients visceral fat, as well as the course of their skeletal muscle mass. In his treatment Dr. Michel has found a strong partner, the Bodymed-concept, which enables patients to – medically accompanied – reach and keep their ideal weight.

Dieter Grübner

Owner Persystema
Persystema - Fitness, Gesundheit & Lebensbalance, Hamburg

In the interdisciplinary studio of Persystema in Hamburg the owner Dieter Grübner offers not only fitness, but also an integral approach with a focus on health and life balance. He uses the seca mBCA 515 to measure the body composition as a part of the anamnesis to confirm therapy success.

Nelly Kreß

Nutrition Consultant
Berlin, Germany

Nelly Kreß, nutritional consultant in Berlin, can no longer imagine her work without an examination of the body composition. Due to the medical validation and the use in university hospitals, the choice of the seca mBCA was easy for her and her patients are also convinced of the value of this method.

Tram Nguyen, MD

Medical Director
DPC Healthcare
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

In a patient-focused setting, Dr. Nguyen, MD, and her colleagues use seca’s medical body composition analyzer in addition to blood tests to quickly determine a patient’s state of health. Patients gratefully experience a reduction in their daily medicine intake and an improvement in their quality of life.

Gideon Remfry

Wellness Director
KX and KXU
London, UK

We looked at bio-impedance. seca is at the top of the field of what they're doing.

Measuring body composition is really important as part of how we show our Strength, Yoga and U-cycle group exercisers how they are achieving their results and goals. We have additionally used the seca measurements to assess the success of our KXU medispa whole body cryo therapy and red light PhotoBioModulation (infrared red) treatments with excellent results. There are numerous ways of testing and we have found the seca mBCA the most robust method of bioimpedance thus far.

David Nieman, PhD

Director, Human Performance Lab
Appalachian State University
Boone, North Carolina, USA

When I was going through the data about the studies that had shown the accuracy and validity – all of that together made me go with the seca device.

David Nieman, PhD, Director of the Human Performance Lab at the Appalachian State University in Kannapolis, NC uses the seca mBCA in his human performance research. The body composition analysis provides him with accurate information about a test subject's fat mass, fat-free mass, and skeletal muscle mass.

Obtaining a value of Resting Energy Expenditure can be quite involved. Traditionally, this value is determined with the use of a metabolic chamber or metabolic cart. Research has shown, though, that one can determine RMR using the fat-free mass of a test subject. David Nieman, PhD, Director of the Human Performance Lab at Appalachian State University is using a seca mBCA 514 medical body composition analyser to accurately determine the fat-free mass and thus come to the RMR in seconds, rather than the more time intensive but less accurate methods using a metabolic chamber or cart.

Felice Gersh, MD

Medical Director
Integrative Medical Group of Irvine
California, USA

It's pretty powerful when you get to show a patient that they have lost all of this fat [...] It has been a wonderful tool to implement with our fasting patients.

Felice Gersh, Medical Director at the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, describes how she uses body composition analysis on Patients that are on the Fasting Mimicking Diet. She has been able to confirm with the seca mBCA 514 that patients lose predominantly fat and not lean muscle mass.

Felice Gersh of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, CA declares her goal to prevent changes in body composition of menopausal women by utilizing the seca mBCA 514. This medical device gives her insights into the development of her patient's fat mass, fat-free mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, phase angle and water weight and helps her in determining how to respond with the appropriate hormone therapy.

David Voellinger, MD

Bariatric Surgeon
Novant Health
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The percentage of body fat and the percentage of body muscle is way more important clinically than a number on a scale.

David Voellinger, MD, describes the shift in focus from a weight loss (BMI) based practice to a body composition based workflow. "The percentage of body fat and the percentage of body muscle is way more important clinically than a number on a scale.

David Voellinger, MD describes the value of body composition analysis in clinical application. He speaks to his use of the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) pre-op and the value of being able to determine the development of fat mass and skeletal muscle mass independently when determining an individualized weight loss regimen for his patients. He appreciates the four-extremities display of muscle mass and the ability to determine whether a patient’s water weight is mostly held in muscle or if it is water otherwise retained in the body.

Gary Donovitz, MD

CEO and Founder of BioTE Medical
BioTE Medical
Irving, Texas, USA

The body composition analyzer by seca is a great confirmation that what we are doing is working. 

When I decided to add in a strategic partner in that sort of field of body composition analysis, we felt like seca had the best formula. secas's is medically validated, no one else's was.

Gary Donovitz, MD, founder and CEO of BioTE Medical describes the importance of validated medical body composition analysis with the seca mBCA514 during hormone therapy.

Dr. Suzanne Turner, MD, FAARM, ABAARM

Founder and Medical Director
Vine Medical Associates
Roswell, Georgia, USA

In the complex symphony of interactions that are the human body, it is paramount to find an objective "before and after" guide to monitor therapy. We evaluate patients presenting for weight loss, heart disease, chronic infections, hormone replacement therapy, diabetes and more using the seca mBCA. The assessment is simple and quick, the report is easy to understand and explain to patients. The subsequent evaluations are helpful to guide adjustments in care when other tools are less specific, and patients are encouraged by the measured progress beyond the scale or confirmation that their efforts have not been in vain.

Tracey and Thom Downing

Owners, Athletic Trainers
Los Altos, CA, USA

The seca mBCA provides an efficient, non-invasive method to accurately measure body composition. As a results focused training facility, we had previously relied upon calipers which can have a great deal of variability or hydrostatic and DEXA scans which are not as easily accessed. Often times, clients are initially adding muscle mass without reducing body fat. This is to be expected but can be frustrating to see weight on a traditional scale increasing. Having a tool that enables us to track not only total body weight but body composition, segmental body fat and hydration; has helped us validate clients efforts aiding them in maintaining/increasing motivation, adherence and effort.

Doctor Marco Paulo de Benedetto

Modernst – Medicina Integrativa
Maringá, Brazil

What fascinates me most about the seca mBCA is that the result is already presented in sarcopenia and hydration charts. Together with the phase angle, this gives an adequate picture of the state of health. The precision of the values ​​is impressive. The results support my trainings and meet my expectations. The Body Mass Index (BMI) has already contributed a lot to medicine, but needs updating and modernization. The medical analysis of body composition is this progress. In the not-too-distant future, we will have an mBCA in every healthcare facility. I am very grateful that this progress is part of my life and my patients.

Romyna La Rosa vásquez

Romyna La Rosa – Endocrinología y Nutrición
Lima, Peru

The mBCA allows me to differentiate important structures of body composition analysis by ethnicity, genre, age, weight, height and physical activity which creates a huge differentiation and allows knowing the percentage of fat, muscle and water to generate a successful treatment.

Ms Thais Hann

Consultório Nutricional Thais C. Hann
Palmitos, Brazil

Currently, the evaluation of body composition plays a fundamental role in nutritional anamnesis and prescription of personalized and adequate food plans for the individual needs of each patient; while additionally monitoring the evolution presented during the proposed treatment period. In this way the seca mBCA has become indispensable in the clinical routine of our office, counting on speed, precision and medical reliability.

Dr. Ellen Stehouwer and James Mange

Doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), Weight Management
Kitsap Medical Weight Loss
Poulsbo, WA, USA

The seca mBCA was definitely the right choice for starting our Medical Weight Loss practice. As clinicians, it gives us everything we need with enhanced precision and reliability. As business owners looking to provide a fabulous patient experience, the design of the mBCA is very accommodating for even our largest patients, and the hand rails are perfect for providing balance and support. The analysis is quick and easy for them, and generates custom reports with graphs to help in understanding their progress.

Dr. Ryan Brady, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional & Anti-aging Medicine, NUCCA Chiropractic
VIOR Life & Aesthetics
Miami, Florida, USA

A thorough patient assessment lays the foundation for designing a customized treatment protocol. For patients undergoing HRT & TRT - the seca mBCA is an excellent tool to assess water weight vs. muscle mass fluctuations, lending further insight into aromatization and resultant interventions. With the vast changes occurring throughout the body; it’s essential to monitor water retention to accurately assess how a patient is responding to treatment. The quick and comparative study that the mBCA provides assists in determining the best approach to optimize therapy.

Dr. Rodolfo Camargo

Nutritionist and biochemist
Nutrition for fitness and performance
São Paulo, Brazil

The seca mBCA 515 surprised me by the easiness, quickness and quality of the results measured in patients from different origin and body composition. Adhesion to treatment is greater once the results are presented in an easy-to-understand report. I am very satisfied with the acquisition and recommend it to everyone who is in the clinic.

Dr. Michelle M. Starke


seca directprint是评估日常患者的理想筛查工具。为患者提供咨询用的打印输出页信息量丰富,作为回报,便使用我们的seca医疗身体成分分析仪进行进一步分析。这有助于打破仅使用体重秤称重的传统,并允许我进行更深入的患者评估,同时跟踪有意义的变化。 该系统不仅有助于区分我的做法,而且有助于创造收入。

Petra Pazin, M.Sc. 营养学硕士


我们使用seca MBCA已经有一年多了,我们的BIA测量法提供的测量结果,快速,精确而且可靠。seca mBCA在我们诊所里是作为诊断工具使用之前,我们用此工具监测所有患者的治疗结果。我们选择seca mBCA是因为,作为一个美体诊所,我们监测肥胖患者和他们的身体成分之间的差异对我们来说非常重要,这么做是为了要评估患者体重的变化,而体重的变化是通过监测脂肪量,肌肉和人体水分隔间的变化来评估的。Seca mBCA操作非常简且实用,有了它,我们可以获得个性化和专业化的方法去接近每个患者。

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Horbach

Schön Klinik诊所,纽伦堡,菲尔特,德国

在我们的专科诊所,我们主要使用seca mBCA测量严重肥胖或营养不良的患者。治疗计划的一个重要因素是激励患者接受诊断。有了seca mBCA的配合,这项工作完成得非常好。身体成分的精确分析以及测量值清晰结构化的呈现以及可比性帮助患者识别其身体状况并积极支持治疗目标。该设备使用不复杂,并且测量快速,非常精确。因此它可以非常好地集成到工作流程中。在测量过程中,seca mBCA的高稳定性为严重肥胖的患者提供了良好的安全性。

Dr. Wendy Rashidi


自从我们将seca directprint纳入到我们的工作流程,我们看到越来越多的患者积极参与体重的管理。将测量系统与我们的seca医用人体成分分析仪相结合,这有助提高我们执行每月BIA分析的总体数量。这么做不仅支持我的工作带来更多的收入,而且也为我的患者提供一纸报告,在他们的减肥道路上协助跟踪他们的减肥结果。

Dr. med. Dietmar Schubert

Dietmar Schubert医生实践应用,埃英根,德国

肌肉作为一个运动的生命功能,通过其能量的生产重点评估一个人的生命运动,从而判断一个人如何的健康。关于这个,BIA测量方法提供了快速可靠的数据。在seca mBCA的帮助下,我们可以使用非侵入性手段来识别肌肉在其定量和定性目标以及实际范围中的行为。我们的患者很看重这种快速和不简单的测量方法。它帮助促进患者体重调节,减肥和监测训练效果的动力。 seca mBCA测量方法是我们实践中不可或缺的。相反,它已成为我们诊断的一个重点。

Zbigniew Borysiuk教授兼院长


我们在2015年购买了seca mBCA。这是一个创新的设备,因各种参数和容易操作而脱颖而出。8电极进行快速身体成分分析只需17秒。seca mBCA 515测量频率多达19个。seca mBCA 515被用于我们的教师的研究和教学。学生们在学习过程中熟悉设备的使用,并学习分析测量生成的结果。

Mgr. Dorota Grzebisz

Jemy nie tyjemy, 波兰波兹南

我们使用seca mBCA 515工作已经好几年了。该设备非常值得信赖,它最重要两个特点是测量结果的精准性和再现性,让我们能够识别代谢疾病的早期症状比如恶病质,水化和脱水,以及肌肉的形成和流失。我们非常满意seca mBCA 515并且很高兴把它推荐给其他人。

Nelly Kress


我使用seca测量站生成打印页给到患者,这是进行第一步咨询的完美基础。使用seca mBCA 515给出以下专业分析是我为患者提供服务的一个重要部分,也是评估其健康状况最方便的方法。

Nandini Agarwal

Mihtra Wellness私人有限公司,卡纳塔克,印度


Dr. Leonardo Alemán Cruz


我们康复中心有许多患者,我们对其诱发因素进行了分析,以此来确定康复治疗方案及对其效果进行评估。个人化的身体康复是指在日常的基础上进行为期三个月的锻炼计划,这包括肌肉再教育,深层振荡和电刺激的锻炼计划。在开始任何康复治疗之前,我们使用Seca mBCA进行分析,并且在两个周期的康复后,每两个月的治疗后,我们进行另一个身体成分分析。康复治疗的有效性通过常规测力法,功能 / 康复部分中的seca mBCA设备30秒后的电生物阻抗分析来评估; 这表明seca mBCA医疗身体成分分析仪是治疗评估中的有用工具,因为它显示患者的代谢参数的改善。

Dr. med. Mariusz Teter


我们从Vitako Sp. z o.o.购买了一部seca mBCA 515多频人体成分分析仪用于一个研究项目。SECA MBCA 515是一个高标准定制但易于使用的设备。触摸屏显示清晰,逻辑性强,能够快速准确地输入数据。集成秤一个非常重要特点是其称重能力达300 kg。它们使得能够关于实际体重的精确测量来分析身体组成,相对于精确测量实际体重,八个固定电极允许进行一个准确的分析只需19秒。使用固定电极意味着每一次的分析的成本很低。基于以上这些品质和产品使用的初步评价研究, 我们确信它代表人体成分的未来用途是筛选健康受试者和运动员以及患者。我们推荐它!

Dr. Arnaldo Hurtado L.


对我来说,seca mBCA是一个诊断工具,通过一个快速简易的扫描,使我能够获得关于病人的身体成分非常有用和精确的结果。这些细节可以告诉我一个患者的进展如何,减重方式是否健康,肌肉团和相位角的状况是否良好,其在健康方面有预后价值。而且,对于那些有均衡饮食习惯的减肥手术患者和超重患者是极其有帮助的。

Małgorzata Berkowicz


seca mBCA 515是我曾经使用过的最好的生物电阻抗身体成分分析仪。它帮助我每天在我的工作与患有健康问题,如自身免疫性疾病,胰岛素抵抗和甲状腺疾病的患者。它易于使用和测量最重要的参数,允许精确监测患者发生的变化。机器的医疗验证保证我收到的结果非常精确,更重要的是,可靠。另一个有用的特征是患者接收到的结果打印输出是清楚和易于理解的。对我来说,作为营养学家,能够打印输出结果作为一个比较表,最后更新添加是非常有用的。

Dr. Noor Al-Busaidi


使用seca mBCA,我们可以以更详细的方式监测我们患者的营养治疗的治疗反应,然后仅仅依赖于控制它们的体重。同时,它也帮助我们的患者保持专注和积极性。

Dr. Amy Articolo

Weigh Under 称重


Dr. Ana Carolina Baez Abbott

Executive Health Plan
CEDIMAT Plaza de la Salud

目前这个设备被放在我们这个健康计划的执行区域内(这是一种预防计划):执行计划,这个计划中有血液透析患者,减肥手术的患者(术前评估,并定期在术后)、没有心脏起搏器的心力衰竭患者,运动员,身体康复和心血管病患者。seca mBCA的优点:它使我们可以测量患者的真正和真实的人体成分。适用于:确定脂肪含量及其与超重和疾病如糖尿病和代谢综合征的关系,评估和监测在接受传统常规或手术治疗的患者的体重减轻现象,评估心脏和肾脏疾病患者的细胞内和细胞外水分,结合生化指标,心血管风险,评估身体康复和运动员的肌肉质量。所有这些信息有助于我们选择不同的治疗方法。

Prof. Dr. Heiner Boeing

Potsdam RehbrüCKE,德国

可以推荐seca mBCA,特别是由于其用于科学研究的测量精度。我们选择这款设备,举个例子,用于测量德国国家队队员的身体成分,这是一项长期人口研究,计划有200.000参与者。seca测量结果提供身体成分(脂肪质量和去脂质量)或总身体水分的测定以非常好的方式与金标准进行比较。设备本身进行测量只需要几秒钟,使用快速简单,测量不要求测试人员或患者的提前精心准备。此外,分段mBCA还提供各个身体部位的附加参数,这对于测试人员或设备的操作者是很有价值的。

Jorge Enrique Correa-Bautista, Msc.,PhD.


通过seca mBCA产品和软件,并感谢其特点,我已经帮助我们学校建立了身体肥胖测量,是为了获得寻找有效的战略和早期预估肥胖风险。

Rebecca Culpin


Rebecca Culpin,是埃塞克斯郡的布鲁姆菲尔德医院肾病科的一名护士长,从2014年开始享受seca mBCA带来的好处。在她的肾病科,seca MBCA及115分析软件主要用于对复杂肾病患者的诊断支持,以帮助临床医生做出关于体液管理,血液透析和营养状况的决定。

Yanell Deturnell Campo

理学硕士 (Coautor)

使用seca mBCA,对古巴精英运动员的生物电特性的研究作出了贡献,并且已经引入了新的知识,其将被运用于运动科学的实践和教学中,迄今为止还没有对古巴运动员中的BIA进行研究 。研究产生了丰富的参考数据,在使用相同装置的实验室的日常实践中被作为广泛的指标。来自seca mBCA的BIA显示对运动人群的纵向研究的好处,并研究古巴精英运动员的水合过程。

Mike Elliott


与我们过去使用卡尺的方法相比,seca mBCA有助于加快测量所有运动员的过程。能够使多个训练者使用该设备并知道它总是一致的并且由于固定的扶手定位而使结果可再现的可靠性真正帮助简化了我们的工作量。我不是每两个月测量一次运动员,而是每周测量一次运动员,并检查他们身体脂肪,去脂体重和水合水平的趋势分析。 这些有价值的数据让我能够定制每个运动员的培训计划,并进一步教育他们关于实践和游戏之间的营养和恢复策略。

Dr. Suzanne Doyle


St James的都柏林医院的临床研究设施的联合健康研究小组自2014年以来一直在使用seca mBCA +sec115分析软件.seca mBCA用于许多不同的研究计划,包括癌症幸存者的多学科康复计划。它允许团队准确地监测身体成分的变化,这么做对调查营养和身体活动的干预是否有效是至关重要的。

Ms. Hamda Al Zuhair

Manager Clinical Dietetics Department

Ms. Joana Hamdan



Jacques Imbeau

d.m.d, nzdrex, facnem

seca mBCA是一种极好的临床工具,提供可重复可靠的人体成分信息。产品高端,大气,上档次。结合seca无线测量工作站seca 274,它操作简单,快速产生相关数据,然后可以应用于临床诊断,作为患者的激励工具和监测治疗结果。协助诊断肌肉肥胖症以及代谢功能障碍所强调的其他慢性病症是特别好的。

Rikki Keen

MS, RD, LDN, CSSD,肿瘤干细胞

除了提供一种简单快速的方法来分析随着时间的推移身体脂肪和去脂体重的变化,seca mBCA提供给我的最重要的改进是有价值的数据,专注于细胞外和细胞内的水合,为我的运动员测量体液转移和整体水合状态 。水合指南是非常个别的,所以我可以通过调整水分摄入量,电解质和 / 或营养物质,可能影响体液的变化,基于这些数字进一步定制和教育每个运动员。

Dr. Nadia Ahmad


总体来说,生物阻抗分析是评估患者体重减轻的快速而简单的方法。 我们为我们的诊所选择了seca mBCA,因为在精度和可重复性方面他达到了极高的标准。特别是脂肪,肌肉和水分之间的区分使我和我的患者对他们的体重减轻更全面的理解,而不仅仅考虑BMI。我们使用mBCA连接seca软件和264测量尺。对我来说,一个理想的组合就是每天支持我的工作。

Mr. Mahmoud al Bakri
Ms. Ola al Mansi



Lic. Claudia Méndez Delgado


mBCA是一个非常有用的工具,为我们的患者提供更完整和准确的营养状况评估。 该设备为我们提供营养学重要数据,用于我们患者的营养治疗和信息,使我们能够评估我们的患者治疗的影响和跟踪。我们使用MBCA的另一个好处是监测已诊断的患者及其疾病。它是一个完美的工具,能同时快速可靠测量和获得好几个病人的信息。我们与警察局合作,他们对800个独立个人的评价在所需的时间或任何时间里都可以自动存储。患者很容易理解对图形和着色的评估。

Souzan Najm



Prof. Dr. Jörg Radermacher


seca mBCA提供了另一种监测透析患者干重的可能性。 我能够检测脱水以及液体过载。在我看来,seca mBCA是评估干重的临床黄金标准。我们每三个月在符合条件的患者中进行测量,然后我会收到所有相关信息。我使用该设备来控制透析患者。一切测量由受雇于我们中心的营养师执行。


Dr. Matthias Riedl, MD

内科医学主任,Medicum Hamburg MVZ有限公司(德国汉堡)的首席执行官

在肥胖治疗的控制期间,汉堡医疗依赖于seca测量的BIA,因为它提供快速和可靠的验证数据。患者欣赏他们的健康和营养状态的可视化。这大大地支持着治疗的动力。这项服务也越来越多地被运动员用来监测他们的体质。 seca mBCA让我们可以看到患者是否按照我们的要求。主要的治疗目标 - 特别是对于肥胖患者 - 是减少脂肪量,同时增加肌肉质量。这些值可以很容易地用分析mBCA来评估。那些总体重量没有成功减轻的患者,可能在获得肌肉的同时已经减掉了脂肪,这对于患者而言是一个巨大的成功,没有seca mBCA我们是不会检测的到的。

Stephan A. Schreiber



Prof. Dr. Bernd Schultes

Specialist in Internal medicine, Endocrinology,
Diabetology, and nutritional medicine eSwiss
St. Gallen, Switzerland

The use of the seca mBCA is very valuable in our clinical practice, where we need to monitor changes in body composition, e.g. during weight loss programs including dietary restriction and bariatric surgery as well as during nutritional support therapies in malnourished patients. Results of the respective analysis often provide a most motivating feedback for our patients. Its easy and fast application makes it an elegant tool in nutritional medicine that we would not like to miss.

Phd João Lindo Simões

阿威罗大学 - Escola Superior de Saúde


Tomi Tuominen

室内划船芬兰冠军2013(LW 30-39)

测量快速,准确,可靠。seca mBCA使用非常简单,我想说它是 “私人教练最新的好朋友 ”。

Zohair Ali Al Arabi


对于所有我们的营养性疾病患者来说,Seca mBCA是一个很好的工具,因为它易于使用,准确和着重于基本参数。





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