seca 232 n

seca 232 n Adjustment knob

Adjustment knob

The ergonomically shaped adjustment knob simplifies length measurement and prevents the rod from tilting.

seca 232 n

Analog measuring rod for baby scales seca 336 i, seca 333 i and seca 336.

  • Measuring results are easy to read with enhanced color markings.
  • Includes head and foot positioners.
  • Durable measuring rod made of aluminum.
  • Scratch-resistant height rod made with a high-quality screen printing process.

As easy to assemble as to read the display: The analog measuring rod with integrated head and foot positioners make the seca 336 i, the seca 333 i and seca 336 even more efficient as measuring and weighing are now done in a single process.


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Product information

Technical product data and support

Technical Data

Measuring range in cm: 35-80 cm
Measuring range in inch: 14-32 "
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm / 1/8"
Net weight: 2.6 lbs , 1.2 kg
CE: CE 0123
Declaration of conformity
seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf
seca_assin_234+232 n_int.pdf
seca_assin_234+232 n_int.pdf seca_assin_234+232 n_int.pdf
seca_man_234_232n_int.pdf seca_man_234_232n_int.pdf


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