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of the seca mBCA 514/515.

seca mBCA.

Developed for your daily work.

1 - Intuitive operation.

The seca mBCA is easy to operate via the ample 8.4" touchscreen display. You can turn the display around 360° to have the best view at all times.

2 - Unmatched precision.

Medical precision of all measurement results validated on various ethnicities, reviewed in a clinical trial* using the respective gold standard method, and equipped with intelligent German measurement technology. When precision matters: seca mBCA.

3 - Reliable measurement.

The handrail of the seca mBCAacts as a standing aid and provides a secure grip for patients to hold onto while being measured. The unique grip electrodes check contact for a reliable measurement and the hand position is predefined in order to obtain valid and reproducible results.

4 - Short measurement time.

17 seconds – that's all the time that the seca mBCA needs. You can analyze and interpret the data immediately so you are not losing any time in diagnosing your patient.

5 - Optimally adaptable.

Damit sich der seca mBCA perfekt an Ihr Arbeitsumfeld anpasst, bietet er Ihnen eine hohe Kompatibilität. Ob per USB-Stick, Kabel oder Funk, sämtliche Messdaten können Sie speichern und weiterverarbeiten. Zusätzlich können Sie die Ergebnisse mit wenigen Klicks in Ihr Patientendaten-Managementsystem (PDMS) importieren.

6 - Extreme durability.

The seca mBCA has an incraesed capacity of up to 660 lbs. The weighing platform is made of safety glass and the low-profile design makes it easy for the patient to step onto.

The ergonomic design of the seca mBCA benefits everyone. It helps you and your colleagues because you do not have to give time-consuming instructions to your patients. Patients benefit from not having to remove all of their clothing or having wires connected to their body since they can comfortably stand barefoot on the weighing platform. Patients will feel very secure as they step onto the seca mBCA because its low weighing platform is easy accessible and the hand rail provides for a firm and stable grip.

Your demands.

Best time for a seca solution.

Identify symptoms earlier.

It takes several appointments and examinations to receive accurate and valid body composition measurements. Therefore, an analyzer that delivers the exact results in seconds could save you and your patients a substantial amount of time which could be used to start the necessary treatment. 

Support your diagnosis.

In addition to height and weight, additional parameters such as fat mass, body water, and muscle mass will assist your diagnosis or recommendation for therapy. A body composition analyzer that delivers precise results and infographics would be the perfect support. 

Respond to developments over the course of therapy.

Routine measurements are essential to respond to certain developments over the course of therapy. A body composition analyzer that delivers accurate and reproducible results in a clear overview will help you make precise adjustments over the course of therapy.

Optimize recovery time.

During rehabilitation it is important to monitor the effectiveness of specified measures and adapt them if necessary. With a quick measurement time, precise measurement data, and a clear overview of the course of therapy you can create the appropriate therapy plan and reduce your patients recovery time.

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