Optimized work processes free up capacity

Our system increases your efficiency in everyday work in so many ways. You can measure patients and synchronise results with electronic medical records (EMR) via WLAN from anywhere. The IDs of nursing personnel and patients are captured with a barcode scanner on the device. Indicator lights provide visual confirmation of correct data transmission. In the entire measuring process you can be sure that all sensitive data is stored correctly. Unlike the manual transcribing of measurements, our system requires no follow-up checks, so medical personnel have more time to care for patients.

  • More efficient processes   
  • Secure data documentation
  • Optimized workflows   
  • Avoid transcription errors
  • Consistent degree of capacity utilization
  • Central documentation
  • Expandable system integration  
  • Relief of staff

The seca integration solution adapts to your individual workflow and guarantees secure transmission of measurement values to the electronic medical record (EMR) - while at the same time saving time. In this way, you can individually determine the sequence in which the work steps are to be carried out. Enjoy many advantages and ask our specialists how you can optimally use our integration solution.


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