seca 285

seca 285 Headpiece


The measured height is shown in the display on the headpiece.



It takes just the press of a key on the mulit-function touch display to send the measurements to a PC. No need to worry about fingerprints - the touch display is very easy to clean.

seca 285

360° view:
Press and hold the left mouse button to rotate the product.

seca 285

Wireless measuring station for height and weight.

  • Frankfurt Line for precise positioning of head.
  • Fine 50 g (0.1-pound) graduation and high capacity of 300 kg (660 pounds).
  • Automatic calculation of BMI.
  • The three-line multi-function touch display shows weight, height and the automatically calculated BMI.

Weighing and measuring in one step is made possible by the seca 285. The scale features high weighing capacity, a heel positioner and a solid headpiece with integrated seca Frankfurt Line for precise positioning of thepatient’s head. Moreover, the complete measuring station has two displays. One display is for direct read-out of height from the headpiece and the other is a three-line multi-function touch display for simultaneous display of height, weight and BMI. Moreover, the scale shows the slightest weight changes with its fine 50-gram graduation.


Products designed down to the last detail.

Frankfurt Line

The Frankfurt Line, which is offered only by seca, makes sure the patient's head is in exactly the right position.


The stable glass platform with integrated heel positioner guarantees precise measurement results and a secure foothold, even on a free-standing scale in the middle of the room.

Product information

Technical product data and support

Technical Data

Approval class: III (3)
Capacity: 300 kg
Graduation (g): 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
Measuring range in cm: 30 - 220 cm
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm
Power supply: Battery, Power adapter
Measure (W x H x D): 434 x 2394 x 466 mm
Net weight: 16 kg
Functions and Properties: PRINT, Overload protection, Auto-PRINT, Measuring rod, Transport custors, TARE, Auto-clear, Autom. Weighing range switch-over, Clear, Patient data input, BFR (Body Fat Rate), Pre-TARE, Mother/Child function, HOLD, Auto-HOLD, BMI, Auto-BMI, Calibration, Autom. Calibration, Automatic switch-off, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Acoustic signals can be activated, Backlighting, cm/inch-switch-over, Damping, User-defined zero setting, Auto-SEND
CE: CE 0109, 0123
Declaration of conformity
seca_dec_285_287.pdf seca_dec_285_287.pdf
seca_assin_264+274+284+285_int_band_1.pdf seca_assin_264+274+284+285_int_band_1.pdf
seca_man_285_int_band_2.pdf seca_man_285_int_band_2.pdf
Product sheet
seca_pst_285_en_wl.pdf seca_pst_285_en_wl.pdf
Revit files
seca_rev-file_284_285 seca_rev-file_284_285
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