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For effective treatment, you need reliable medical data. It's important to prevent transmission errors and to classify data properly to ensure good examination results. The newly developed integration solution from seca does exactly that and offers the user a high degree of security. All wireless seca measuring systems and scales now digitally capture height and weight, vital signs, fat mass, muscle mass and body water and immediately transmit all parameters to an EMR system via WLAN.

Better work quality

With seca integration solutions, patient measurements are saved directly in an electronic medical record (EMR) system; providing you immediate access to accurate patient information. Manual entry of results is eliminated and the measurement process is accelerated, giving you more time to spend with your patients.

Prevent transcription errors

Erroneous measurement results put patients at risk. Even the smallest variances are critical if, for example, medication dosages are incorrect because they are based on an overstated weight. When a seca integration solution is used, all measurements are automatically stored in an EMR system. Nursing staff are then free to concentrate on the measuring process and potential errors with handwritten notes are prevented.

Better workflow-management

Quite often patient data is required by different medical specialties. Such information can be vital, particularly in the case of surgery. When all relevant measurements are stored directly in an EMR system, they are immediately available to users everywhere. Thus, allowing preparations to be optimised and accelerated, while improving clinical decision-making and workflow efficiency.

Customised offers

Many critical diagnostic parameters and exceptional product quality build the foundation for seca integration solutions. We accompany you throughout the entire integration process and develop a customised solution to fit your needs. Following implementation, our excellent service personnel ensure reliable operations.


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