In order to commission your seca mBCA correctly, you must make a few settings.

  • The seca mBCA requires an active Internet connection via WLAN or LAN (RJ45 network cable) to transmit the measurement data. 
  • In order for your mBCA to establish a connection to your seca Analytics 125 Cloud, the following port on your router must be activated by you/your IT service provider.  
    Port: 22020  
    Protocol: TCP  
    Direction: Outgoing 
    Application: https
    Destination address: 
    (Please refer to the instructions for your router for the port activation setting or contact your Internet provider, seca will not carry out port activation for you for data protection reasons
  • If your seca mBCA is to be connected via WLAN, you will need the SSID (WLAN name) and password of your WLAN network. You must also ensure that your router is connected to your seca mBCA via 2.4 GHz. (Please refer to the instructions for your router for the transmission frequency (GHz) setting or contact your internet provider) 
  • If your seca mBCA is to be connected via LAN, please note that a 3m network cable is supplied with your seca mBCA.
    For longer distances, please have a longer network cable ready.
  •  The seca mBCA has a total height of 2.38m. The ceiling height of your location must therefore be at least 2.5 metres high. In addition, no technical devices may be located within 1 metre of the mBCA. 

If any of the above points have not been completed by the installation date or the relevant information is missing when the technician arrives at your premises for installation, the technician may not be able to finalise the installation of your seca mBCA.

Accordingly, another on-site appointment must be scheduled, which can lead to a longer waiting time and additional costs on your part.


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