seca Scale-up Line

Newly Optimized Scale-up Line Model for Mobile Use

Refined with a more convenient digital height measurement

Complemented by larger wheels for enhanced mobility

The optional rechargeable battery
pack provides more than 8 hours of continuous weighing and measuring

Mobility Meets Durability

The seca Scale-up Line is purpose-built to endure the rigors of daily medical work with resilience. Its heavy-duty, robust design ensures consistent accuracy even after years of relentless service, providing healthcare teams with trusted reliability

Advanta­ges at a Glance



Convenient mobility

Ease of use

in Demanding Healthcare Environ­ments

The seca Scale-up Line redefines medical scales' standards, delivering precision and versatility that will reshape your expectations. Its innovative features and unmatched durability set a new benchmark in the industry, making it the go-to choice for healthcare professionals.

One Scale to Master all Weighing Challenges

The seca Scale-up Line is your versatile solution, perfect for a wide range of patients and healthcare scenarios.

Whether you're working with pediatric or geriatric patients, need mobile functionality, or require seamless EMR integration, this scale was designed to excel in every environment.

Scaling Up

The seca Scale-up Line ID-Display lets you see which patient was recorded with the scanner to prevent any confusion. That means more control for you when transferring to the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and significantly improved safety for users and patients.

Absolute Confidence


The display shows names or IDs of users and patients

Display-controlled data transfer

Voice response for patient guidance aids personnel

Rapid measurement process within seconds thanks to the innovative ultrasound technology

Ergonomic design with heavy-duty steel handrail directly anchored to the cast iron base

Large platform made of seca Bearclaw Glass® virtually breakage resistant glass for extreme durability and hygiene

Optional panda bear facilitates measuring and weighing of children

 Ultrasound height measuring
 Sturdy aluminum column
 Customizable touch-display
 Voice-guided automation
 Robust steel handrail
 Patient and user identification*
 Optional Rechargable battery pack
 Heavy-duty wheels
 Break-resistant Bearclaw glass
 Easy to clean surfaces

 Capacity of 800lb / 360kg
 Fine 0.1oz / 50 g graduation

* Optional barcode scanner mount seca 463, and barcode scanner from a third-party vendor.

Seamless Direct EMR-validated Integration

Some of our Partners:

Weighing Becomes
Child’s Play

The seca panda bear or animal sticker convince even the most hesitant child to be weighed and measured.

seca measuring stations and column scales look friendlier in children’s eyes and the measuring process can be performed seamlessly in no time.

your solution

Find the Perfect Scale-up Line Model for your Needs

Handrail scale with ID-Display™


Mobile handrail scale with digital measuring rod and ID-Display™

Order Code: ON SHM ITT NN

Ultrasonic measuring station with ID-Display™

Order Code: ON SMM IUT NN

Ultrasonic measuring station with ID-Display™ and handrail

Order Code: ON SHM IUT NN


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