Medical measurement systems and scales.

As the global market leader for many decades now, seca is familiar with the wide variety of requirements in each country. Our products are now available in over 110 countries. We also have our own sales branches in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Mexico, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Brasil, Finland, Columbia, Malaysia, Denmark and the Netherlands. seca is there where you are, on location worldwide. Well grounded and always just a click away.

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Medizinische Messsysteme und Waagen.
Hammer Steindamm 3-25
22089 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 20 00 00 0
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The hometown of seca

It all began with the seca "scale factory" in 1840. In 1904 the company headquarters was moved to its current location in the Hammer Steindamm in the Wandsbek district. seca is still a purely family-run company today, now in its fourth generation. The working environment is described as exceptionally informal. The "open-door" principle applies here, where each of the currently around 160 employees in the Hamburg headquarters is equally important. seca places a great deal of value on open, constructive exchange between its employees for trend-setting developments that set benchmarks. Because innovative ideas can come about in any place at any time. So why not there where it all began?



Austria compact.

Austria compact.

"Grüß Gott!"

seca has been present in our neighboring country of Austria since 2007. The Austrian team conducts intensive exchange with the headquarters in Hamburg. "It is very satisfying to work in a traditional family-run company that is nonetheless extraordinarily innovative."  The most important issue of the Austrian seca team: "We would like to make an important contribution to improving the diagnosis and therapy of weight-related illnesses. Our daily motivation is the search for the best solution for you as our customer." Then to a continuation of this good neighborliness!

seca austria
Poland compact.

Poland compact.

"Dzień dobry!"

The Polish branch of seca has existed since 2009. There quality and design are joined with top customer service. "We are always there on location for you and have the right scale for every application in our range." The Polish branch also works closely with the company headquarters in Hamburg. "We are neighbors, after all, and we view this regular exchange as a great gain!"

seca polska
Naarden compact.

Naarden compact.


seca benelux
Lietuva compact.

Lietuva compact.


seca lietuva
Denmark compact.

Denmark compact.


seca denmark