seca 213 l

seca 213 l Simple and quick to set up – no wall fastening required.

Simple and quick to set up – no wall fastening required.

The measuring rod seca 213l which can be dismantled into several pieces can be set up easily and quickly. It is mounted on the floor plate in no time at all. Further assembly, e.g. by means of a wall fastening, is no longer necessary.

Flexible positioning due to large floor plate.

Flexible positioning due to large floor plate.

The stadiometer seca 213l can be used anywhere because the large floor plate provides the necessary stability. The stadiometer seca 213l is therefore the ideal piece of equipment for all those who require reliable measuring instruments at frequently changing locations.

seca 213 l

Mobile stadiometer with integrated level.

  • Equipped with level for correct positioning.
  • Simple and easy to set up – no wall fastening necessary.
  • Large floor plate ensures stability.
  • Result clearly visible while measuring.
  • Convenient and easy to transport.

The stadiometer seca 213 l is especially suitable for mobile use, e.g. for measuring children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations in schools, for use by carers and health workers on the move. But it is also ideal for doctor’s surgeries and hospitals specialising in child and adolescent medicine. Furthermore, the seca 213 l is suitable for measuring patients lying down. Once taken apart, the stadiometer is easy to transport anywhere. Whereas, the level ensures always the correct positioning and horizontal stand. 



Сведения о продукции.

Технические данные продукта и поддержка.

Технические данные

Диапазон измерения в см: 20 - 205 cm
Диапазон измерения в inch: 8 - 81 "
Дискретность: 1 mm / 1/8"
Размер (В х Ш х Д): 337 x 2.130 x 590 mm , 13.3 x 83.9 x 23.2"
Вес нетто: 2.4 kg , 5.3 lbs


Сервис seca.

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