seca 207

seca 207 seca 207

seca 207

The scaleʼs high-quality printing is especially tear-resistant. Measurements are precisely displayed and easy to read even after years of use.

seca 207

Baby measuring rod with large calipers.

  • Fixed headpiece and smooth sliding foot positioner seca 207 space saving and mobile.
  • Attachable to changing table or for wall mounting.
  • Foldable calipers for easy storage.

The measuring rod can be firmly screwed to the changing table (wall mounting also possible) or used as a mobile rod. Large head and foot positioners make it easy to determine the length and the calipers fold for ease of storage. Made of aluminum for durability.

Información sobre el producto.

Datos técnicos del producto y asistencia.

Datos técnicos

Rango de medición en cm: 0 - 99 cm
Rango de medición en inch: 0 - 39 "
División: 1 mm / 1/8 inch
Dimensiones ( AxAxP): 1047 x 120 x 286 mm , 41,2 x 4,7 x 11,3 inch
Peso neto: 810 g , 1,8 lbs
Funciones: Error de pesaje, Montaje en la pared
CE: CE 0123
Declaración de conformidad.
seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf
Manual de instrucciones.
seca_man_207_220_222_223_224_int.pdf seca_man_207_220_222_223_224_int.pdf


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