seca 755

seca 755 Dial


It is easy to determine BMI with the color-coded dial.

Measuring rod

Measuring rod

The separately available measuring rod permits simultaneous measuring and weighing.

seca 755

Mechanical column scales with BMI display

When the patient steps onto the scales, a BMI disc of contrasting color is set in motion below the very precise weight display on the large, clear dial. It is visible in a small window next to which a height scale is printed. Once the weight has been determined, it is easy to read the BMI range which, with contrasting colors, is split up into underweight, normal, overweight and obesity (abnormally overweight). A flat tread area and practical transport castors are further advantages of the seca 755. The column scale is also available with measuring rod.


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Technical product data and support

Technical Data

Capacity: 160 kg
Graduation (g): 500 g
Measure (W x H x D): 360 x 1000 x 628 mm
Net weight: 18,1 kg
Functions and Properties: Transport custors, BMI, Reset-to-zero function
CE: CE 0123
Declaration of conformity
seca_dec_750_755_760_762.pdf seca_dec_750_755_760_762.pdf
seca_man_755_int.pdf seca_man_755_int.pdf
seca_man_755+756_int_assemlby.pdf seca_man_755+756_int_assemlby.pdf
Product sheet
seca_pst_755_en.pdf seca_pst_755_en.pdf


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