seca 952

seca 952 Footrests


The footrests can be folded away to make it easier for patients to stand up and sit down.

High capacity

High capacity

The seca 952 is running on batteries instead of mains power, and offers a capacity of 200 kg.

seca 952

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seca 952

Chair scales for weighing while seated

Added to that are the typical seca advantages such as fold-up armrests and footrests, secure wheel brakes, an ergonomically shaped seat and smooth-running rollers, which, together with the ergonomically shaped handle, make it very easy to push the chair scale. Of course the seca 952 is also equipped with the important TARE function which allows every newly added weight to be ascertained separately and the auto-HOLD function which lets medical personnel take care of the patient first and read out the results later.


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Example applications

The armrests can also be folded away to allow patients better access from the side.

Example applications

Product information

Technical product data and support

Technical Data

CE: CE 0123
Capacity: 200 kg, 440 lbs
Graduation (g): 100 g / 0,2 lbs / 0,2 lbs
Measure (W x H x D): 563 x 897 x 956 mm , 22,2 x 35,3 x 37,6 inch
Net weight: 22,4 kg , 49,4 lbs
Functions and Properties: kg/lbs/sts switch-over, Automatic switch-off, TARE, Auto-HOLD
Power supply: Battery
Declaration of conformity
seca_dec_952.pdf seca_dec_952.pdf
seca_man_952_int.pdf seca_man_952_int.pdf
Product sheet
seca_pst_952_en.pdf seca_pst_952_en.pdf
Revit files
seca_rev-file_954_952 seca_rev-file_954_952


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