More knowledge more quickly. The new seca mVSA

The world's first medical Vital Signs Analyzer with BIA measurement

mVSA - productTeaser Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

  • Determination of body composition
  • Medically precise measurement results validated against the gold standard*
  • Receptacle with drain slot for cleaning agents
  • BIA measuring mat made of easy-to-clean silicone
  • Also possible to start the bioelectrical impedance analysis from the BIA measuring mat
  • Simple electrode connection using Easy Snap™
  • Hygienic inductive charging

Blood pressure (NIBP)

Blood pressure (NIBP)

  • Inflation and deflation measurement
  • Inflation measurement is significantly shorter with a lower pressure load
  • Identification of incorrectly positioned cuffs
  • Individual or multiple measurement individually adjustable
  • Different cuff sizes available

Pulse rate

Pulse rate

Determined while measuring oxygen saturation or blood pressure



  • Two different thermometer technologies (in-ear or oral/axial thermometer, rectal temperature probe)
  • Intelligent probe cover removal concept for both thermometer technologies
  • Temperature probe (oral/axial,rectal) with securing device
  • Removable temperature probe storage with drain slots (hygiene)



seca SpO2:

  • High-precision and clinically validated SpO2 technology
  • Soft or hard clips
  • Easy-to-clean soft clips made of silicone

The seca mVSA

much more than the sum of its parts

  • Automatically recognizes connected modules
  • Able to be mounted on the stand
  • Does not require a primary power source
  • Cable management: NIBP, temperature, SpO2, and BIA
  • Connection options: WLAN, Ethernet, seca 360° wireless
  • Integration into practice or clinic networks, e.g. through HL7 or GDT
  • Combination with products from the seca 360° wireless range
  • Connection to all HID-compatible barcode scanners via USB
  • Transmission of data from BIA measuring mat to the monitor still possible via the infrared interface even when the WLAN is off
  • Presentation of progression analysis (How has my patient changed?)
  • Large internal memory for up to 70,000 measurements
  • Measurement can even be assigned to patients after the fact
  • Intuitive touch control
  • Evaluation of measurement results possible on the monitor
  • Comparison up to 50 measurements of a patient
  • Continuous updating based on the latest study results**
  • Individually configurable printout
  • Easy direct print function
  • Anonymous measurement possible
  • Integrated replaceable rechargeable lithium ion battery in the monitor
  • Battery remains charged long enough to measure an entire station*
  • Also operable while plugged in
  • Setup and Installation
  • Integration in your HIS / EMR system
  • User Training
  • On-site service & maintenance 
  • Carrying handle
  • Stand with adjustable height
  • Lightweight, just 3.7 kg
  • Easy-to-clean touchscreen
  • Operable while wearing gloves
  • Impact-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Daytime and nighttime view for vital signs screen


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