seca 213

seca 213 seca 213

seca 213

seca 213

seca 213

seca 213

Portable stadiometer

The measuring rod can be dismantled into several pieces and set up easily and quickly. The spacer keeps the rod straight and stable without any fittings. As the scale is printed along the side of the measuring rod, it is easy to read off the result while measuring, thus guaranteeing precise results – up to a height of 205 cm.

Brand new: Now available as seca 213 l with integrated spirit level.


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Example applications

The integrated handle and securely locking parts make the stadiometer easy to carry.

Example applications

Product information.

Technical product data and support.

Technical Data

Measuring range in cm: 20 - 205 cm
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm
Measure (W x H x D): 337 x 2165 x 590 mm
Net weight: 2,4 kg
Functions: Mobile measuring and weighing
CE: CE 0123
Declaration of conformity.
seca_dec_201_203_213_216_217_218_220_222_223_224.pdf seca_dec_201_203_213_216_217_218_220_222_223_224.pdf
seca_man_213_int.pdf seca_man_213_int.pdf
Product sheet.
seca_pst_213_en.pdf seca_pst_213_en.pdf


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