seca b31

seca b31

seca b31

Manual blood pressure monitor with membraneprotecting two-tube technology and manometer cap.

  • Material composition: Aesthetically coordinated materials, highly-polished.
  • Two-tube technology: Pressure fluctuations are balance out to protest the measuring unit.
  • Ergonomisch: Working without fatique through perfect fit of bulb and handle.

The robust model has the same construction as the seca b30 but also has a sphygmomanometer cap made of thermoplastic elastomer. This thin cap only alters the weight to an insignificant extent but effectively protects the measuring unit from impacts and scratches. High-quality and fine materials guarantee the highest product quality and an especially long service life. The ergonomic design is gentle on the arm and enables use with one hand. An infinitely adjustable valve can be operated using two fingers. The delicate mechanics of the measuring unit are protected from pressure fluctuations by the patented two-channel tube. When being pumped up, the air first flows into the cuff but not directly into the measuring unit.

Отличительные особенности.

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Технические данные

Cuff: Double-tube
Valve: Chrome-plated brass, infinitely adjustable
Classification: Medical device class 1 with measuring function
Total length incl. bulb: 165 mm
Load cell depth: 27,6 mm
Scale diameter: 48 mm
Membrane hub: 1.145 mm by 300 mmHg
Tolerance: 1 % of the measuring range
Graduation: 2 mmHg
Material features: Latex-free
Main components: Chrome-plated brass
Weight: 214 g
Функции: Mobile
Инструкцию по эксплуатации.
seca_man_b10_b11_b12_b30_b31_b40_b41_int.pdf seca_man_b10_b11_b12_b30_b31_b40_b41_int.pdf


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