seca s60

seca s60

seca s60

Stethoscope with a dual membrane.

  • Hygiene: Easy-to-clean, highly polished, and non-porous chrome-plated brass.
  • Ergonomic: Perfect handling due to the specially tailored head shape of the chest piece.
  • Dual membrane: The membrane forms a resonance chamber that amplifies the sounds.

For perfect auscultation the dual membrane optimally reproduces the entire frequency range of low as well as high frequencies. A sophisticated procedure not only transmits the sound on the plastic membrane but also amplifies it in a resonance chamber. This makes even the subtlest nuances audible. The membrane is also suspended and adapts perfectly to any surface, preventing the transmission of background noise that occurs with deformation. The ergonomic design of the ear clips increases their comfort and the two inner channels transmit the sound without loss. On the outside a highly polished and non-porous chrome-plated surface ensures perfect hygiene and a premium finish.

Сведения о продукции.

Технические данные продукта и поддержка.

Технические данные

Total Length: 715 mm
Chest piece height: 25 mm
Tube type: Two-channel tube
Membrane diameter: 44 mm
Membrane type: Dual-membrane
Material features: Latex-free
Main components: Chrome-plated brass, PVC
Weight: 217 g
Инструкцию по эксплуатации.
seca_man_s10_s20_s22_s30_s32_s40_s50_s60_int.pdf seca_man_s10_s20_s22_s30_s32_s40_s50_s60_int.pdf


Сервис seca.

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