seca 312

seca 312 Báscula mecánica

Báscula mecánica

La unidad ofrece 3 indicaciones de color para identificar fácilmente la categoría de peso del bebé: 0.0 – 2.0 kg rojo (malnutrición severa), 2.0 – 2.5 kg amarillo (malnutrición),

2.5 – 5.0 kg verde (peso normal).

seca 312

Mechanical circular dial scale with color indication of weight categories.

  • Fine graduation of 25 g / 1 oz.
  • Tough and reliable.
  • Suspension hooks made of galvanized steel, extremely durable and safe.
  • Easy color indication red, yellow, green.

seca knows what really counts when babies and toddlers have to be weighed: the child’s safety and precise results. And in baby’s first few months it is very important to keep an accurate check on his or her weight. To make that an easy option at any time and in any place, seca has developed an extremely versatile, precise scale. The suspended scale seca 312 with dial and pointer. It can be used at any location, weighs very little itself, and is extremely robust – exactly right for use outside the clinical environment, in particular by visiting midwives and health workers.

Сведения о продукции.

Технические данные продукта и поддержка.

Технические данные

Предел взвешивания: 5 кг, 11 lbs
Дискретность (g): 25 g / 1 oz г
Размер (В х Ш х Д): 220 x 225 x 52 mm , 8,7 x 8,9 x 2 inch
Вес нетто: 1,5 kg , 3,4 lbs
Функции: Функция обнуления , мобильное измерение
CE: CE 0123
Декларация о соответствии.
seca_dec_310_312_725.pdf seca_dec_310_312_725.pdf


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