seca s32

seca s32

seca s32

Stethoscope with two standard membrane sides of different sizes for younger patients

  • Acoustics: The chest piece can be switched off to minimize background noise.
  • Membrane sides: Two different membrane sides enable the user to listen to different regions of the body.
  • Double-tube system: Optimal sound wave transmission through two parallel channels in the stethoscope tube.

The double-sided construction of the chest piece picks up low as well as high frequencies perfectly. The seca s32 meets the widest variety of daily demands of physicians. The small side of the membrane also enables the precise auscultation of parts of the body that are difficult to reach. The double-tube system with two inner channels minimizes noise loss to a minimum. A separately integrated spring in the tube also guarantees sound transmission without interference.

Informações de produtos

Suporte e dados técnicos do produto.

Dados técnicos

Total Length: 716 mm
Chest piece height: 22 mm
Tube type: Two-channel tube
Membrane diameter: 30 mm
Membrane type: Standard membrane
Chest piece type: Double-sided chest piece
Material features: Latex-free
Main components: Chrome-plated brass, PVC
Weight: 208 g
Manual de produto.
seca_man_s10_s20_s22_s30_s32_s40_s50_s60_int.pdf seca_man_s10_s20_s22_s30_s32_s40_s50_s60_int.pdf


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