One step ahead of the future:

Direct integration of height and weight

The future of medical technology lies in the direct integration of all relevant patient information. We developed seca 360° wireless for precisely this purpose. Once networked, height and weight are transferred to the seca mVSA and to your digital medical record. This eliminates potential sources of error, saves time, and makes you more efficient.

Decisive benefits for medicine

  • Wireless communication instead of cable connections.
  • seca's own secure wireless protocol to simplify and quickly logging in the devices in the seca 360° wireless network.
  • Spatially flexible setup of the system components through a high radio range.
  • Paperless and error-free measured value transmission.
  • seca analytics 115 PC software for diagnostic support for a in-depth assessment of the state of health and nutrition of the patient.
  • Graphical representation of the measured values and their comparison with standard values – clearly presented on a one-page report.

seca makes integration totally easy for you

because we want you to be able to work more effectively

Not only is the measurement of the vital parameters of many different patients time-consuming, but transferring that information into health files by hand is also a great source of error. This is precisely where seca's integration service comes in because it first ensures the communication of your systems. Previous height and weight measurements can thereby be sent directly to the seca mVSA and used there, for example. After scanning the patient ID and performing your routine measurements with the seca mVSA,  you can then send all of the vital signs as well as the measured BIA parameters directly to your EMR system. seca's integration service will make sure that you have error-free data transmission.

What we do to make sure your data are secure:

  • The interface integration is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 62304
  • Creation of a software development plan and a risk analysis
  • The implementation is carried out according to your desired functions
  • Your interface is verified and validated for the acceptance report

seca service

Integration service

We always work in a solution-oriented way. In addition to HL7 and GDT we can also create custom interfaces precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Our software service team will provide you with professional support until the realization of the project and we will be happy to advise you.

Software auto-upgrade

The software in our products meets demanding medical requirements. We guarantee that they are up to date through regular contractual auto updates and the integration of the latest research results.

Product demonstration

The medical professional receives a thorough explanation of all relevant product features. Our product specialists conduct the briefings.


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