seca mVSA 535

seca mVSA 535 Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

  • Determination of body composition
  • Medically precise measurement results validated against the gold standard*
  • Receptacle with drain slot for cleaning agents
  • BIA measuring mat made of easy-to-clean silicone
  • Also possible to start the bioelectrical impedance analysis from the BIA measuring mat
  • Simple electrode connection using Easy Snap™
  • Hygienic inductive charging



  • Inflation and deflation measurement
  • Inflation measurement is significantly shorter with a lower pressure load
  • Identification of incorrectly positioned cuffs
  • Individual or multiple measurement individually adjustable
  • Different cuff sizes available

Pulse rate

Pulse rate

Determined while measuring oxygen saturation or blood pressure



  • Two different thermometer technologies (in-ear or oral/axial thermometer, rectal temperature probe)
  • Intelligent probe cover removal concept for both thermometer technologies
  • Temperature probe (oral/axial, rectal) with securing device
  • Removable temperature probe storage with drain slots (hygiene)



  • High-precision and clinically validated SpO2 technology
  • Soft or hard clips
  • Easy-to-clean soft clips made of silicone

seca mVSA 535

Medical Vital Signs Analyzer with bioelectrical impedance analysis

The seca mVSA 535 is the world's first spot-check monitor that combines the conventional measurement of vital signs with a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). In one step you can measure the 4 vital signs of blood pressure SpO2, pulse rate, and temperature and conduct a complete body composition analysis to determine fat, water, and muscle content. You can now measure more parameters in a routine check and broaden your diagnostic and therapeutic options through the combined view of BIA and vital signs. This high-performance software communicates with any network and guarantees the error-free transmission of all measurement values to your EMR system. Our integration service will individually integrate the system into your IT infrastructure as needed and thereby optimize your daily routine measurements. 


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  • The seca mVSA can be individually configured to your needs.
  • Conventional vital data measurement of blood pressure, SpO2, pulse rate, and temperature combined with the rapid collection of body composition data consisting of body water, fat mass, and muscle mass.
  • Easy-to-understand graphical presentation of the measurement values on the touchscreen display.
  • Large internal memory for up to 70,000 measurements.


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Suporte e dados técnicos do produto

Dados técnicos

Interfaces: WLAN, USB 2.0, Ethernet
Medical device class: IIa
Display type: 7" Touchscreen-Display
Temperature measurement method: direct, predictive; Genius 2 operating manual ear
SpO2 Measurement method: Pulse oximetry
Blood pressure measuring procedure: oscillometric
Alimentação Elétrica: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Built-in power adapter
Medida (L x A x P): 252 x 262 x 278 mm
Peso líquido: In-ear thermometer 3.7 kg
Declaração de conformidade
seca_dec_535_EN_DE_FR_PL.pdf seca_dec_535_EN_DE_FR_PL.pdf
Manual de produto
seca_BA_535_526_with_Genius_2 seca_BA_535_526_with_Genius_2
Manual de produto
seca_man_525_535_pt.pdf seca_man_525_535_pt.pdf
Manual de produto
seca_quick_start_guide_535.pdf seca_quick_start_guide_535.pdf
Folha de produto
seca_pst_535_en_int seca_pst_535_en_int
Revit files
seca_rev-file_535 seca_rev-file_535
Measuring NIBP Video
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