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La maigreur des mannequins parisiens en ligne de mire :

Pourquoi un indice de masse corporelle non alarmant ne suffit pas à évaluer l’état de santé général et le statut nutritionnel

- En France, les mannequins sont dorénavant invités à présenter un certificat médical attestant du fait que leur état de santé général est compatible avec leur activité. Le médecin est le seul à pouvoir décider s'il rédige ou non ledit certificat sur la base de certains paramètres tels que l’âge, l’indice de masse corporelle et la corpulence du mannequin. Les mannequins qui exerceront à l’avenir leur activité dans cette capitale de la mode sans être en possession de ce fameux certificat risqueront jusqu'à 6 mois de prison et une amende de 75 000 euros.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal and Dr. Stephen Wootton launch international science center for medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA)

seca creates platform for scientific knowledge exchange on body composition

- In reaction to the newest research findings and the growing number of nutrition and weight-related illnesses and complications, the medical community is becoming more aware of the significance of medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA). Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Anja Bosy-Westphal and Dr. Stephen Wootton, seca is launching the mBCA science center and creating a unique platform for international information exchange at

seca opens Asia Pacific branch in Kuala Lumpur

- seca, global market leader in medical measuring systems and scales, opens its 14th international branch office in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to China and Japan, Malaysia is the third country in Asia with its own subsidiary. seca sees great growth potential, particularly in increasing public and private healthcare expenditures and the growing demand for high-quality medical technology products.

Decisive step for outpatient nutrition therapy in oncology –

seca and B. Braun TravaCare rely on validated BIA technology

- seca, the world market leader in medical measuring systems and scales, and B. Braun TravaCare, experts for parenteral nutrition at home, optimize the quality of nutrition medicine follow-up care with the use of validated Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology from seca. In the future the nutrition specialists from B. Braun TravaCare will measure patients' health status and nutritional condition in just seconds with the seca mBCA 525 and customize and monitor treatment based on body composition.

The world's first integrated BIA and vital signs measurement from seca is pushing the decline of the Body Mass Index

- Malnutrition, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and all their consequences are among the world's major medical challenges of the 21st century. Nevertheless, the assessment of a patient's state of health and nutritional status is still based on classic vital signs and BMI (Body Mass Index). As critical parameters of body composition are not measured, the opportunities to initiate preventive measures or to optimize treatment remain unused. The seca medical Vital Signs Analyzer (mVSA) compensates for the weaknesses of BMI and increases the potential of non-invasive, ad hoc diagnostics to a completely new level.

seca sets standards again this year in the medically precise measuring of patients

- In the afternoon of the last exhibition day, the seca team is still deeply involved in talks with customers, product demonstrations and measurements of interested visitors.

HAMEK establishes itself as an industry event thanks to its one-of-a-kind format

The medical technology symposium intends to expand further in 2017 in order to serve the high demand

- 100 experts from the fields of medical technology and hospital management met last Thursday for the third Hamburg medical technology symposium HAMEK hosted by seca, the market leader in medical measuring systems and scales. The combination of high-profile lectures, the accompanying specialized exhibition, and a practical look behind the curtains of seca make it a one-of-a-kind event. Both the tickets for the event as well as the places for the exhibitors were all taken within a short time.


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