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MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference 2014

- The two-day Medicine + Sports Conference takes place during MEDICA 2014 in the Congress Center Düsseldorf/CCD South on 12th and 13th of November 2014. The agenda includes a presentation by Philipp Lilburn, key expert in body composition on the seca Product Management team.

seca mBCA in performance diagnostics

This year, the MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference focuses on new findings and options for monitoring performance data and vital signs and their integration in innovative approaches for prevention and regeneration. Of course, a contribution about the medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA is a must. Philipp Lilburn, key expert in body composition on the seca Product Management team, will speak on the subject "Body Composition Assessment For Enhanced Performance Diagnostics" in a session from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 13th of November. He will explain the influence a differentiated analysis of body composition made with bioelectrical impedance analysis has on performance development and will suggest ways the data can be used in training management.  

Mr. Lilburn, who was closely involved in the development of the seca mBCA, defined the scientific requirements that were subsequently used in the medical validation of the device.    

The seca key expert in body composition will be sharing the stage with other renowned experts, including Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer, team physician for the German national soccer team, and Professor Jonathan B. Clark, Medical Director for the next Mars mission and the Red Bull Stratos projects. 

MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference 

The MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference encourages new approaches in prevention, therapy and regeneration. More than 30 internationally recognized experts and innovative companies join together at the conference to present and discuss future solutions and technologies for sports medicine. 

Details about the MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference you can find here.


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