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Motivation is a powerful driving force. We at seca know this very well. Those who would like to be successful with us in the long term should enjoy their work. So how about a job that fits with your skills? How about tasks that you enjoy handling and that help you develop a little bit further every day?

Our company is the market leader everywhere seca is present internationally. With medical measuring systems and precision scales on which doctors, medical engineers, nutrition experts, and nursing staff can rely in more than 110 countries. seca has stood for the highest quality, innovation, and absolute reliability for over 175 years – and we are doing everything to keep it that way in the future as well.

seca is a rapidly growing family business. We are so successful because our employees can contribute their ideas and suggestions. So we don't just put off decisions but rather immediately address innovations and improvements. More than 200 employees work at our headquarters in Hamburg and we are proud that we are also internationally successful as the worldwide market leader with 18 branches and a total of approximately 500 employees.

"We offer demanding people a platform to work with seca to ensure its market leadership in the long term." 

- Frederik Vogel, Managing Director Development & Manufacturing

Admittedly, we also expect commitment and good performance from our employees. At the same time we do a lot to be counted among the best employers in the industry.

Our success stories:

People who make seca successful.

Ilka Balsliemke

Quality Management Representative

As a Quality Management Representative you are responsible for ensuring that seca maintains the high standard of quality to which it has committed itself each and every day. You ensure that all processes and products meet the high internal requirements as well as the legal guidelines.

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Henning-Hoa Tran

Production Specialist

As a production specialist, with every action you make a decisive contribution to seca offering products of the highest quality. You work at various assembly islands, assemble and calibrate our scales, check the functionality of the end products, and are responsible for the labeling and packaging of our products.

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Antonio Cordova

General Manager

As General Manager of an international branch you have the great opportunity to perpetuate seca's course of growth in your area of operation. Together with your team you develop and implement regional sales and marketing strategies. Your tasks include both the introduction of innovative products and services as well as the training and support of retailers and business partners on location.

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Sandra Thun

Customer Support Specialist

As a Customer Support Specialist you offer our customers the first-class service that they value from us so much. You are thereby a qualified contact person for phone inquiries from Germany and Austria. In addition to this you also support our exclusive international partners in matters relating to our quality products.

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Kirsten Huß

Project Manager Research & Development

As Project Manager Research & Development you initiate innovation projects and work to turn innovative ideas into marketable products of the highest precision and quality.

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Joachim Falk

Service Technician

As a Service Technician your work directly impacts the satisfaction of our customers. You are responsible for the repairs of our products in-house at the Hamburg location. This work requires you to have an instinct for technology and to enjoy interacting with our customers.

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