seca provides a new level of support

seca provides a new level of support

through Allscripts EMR connectivity.

seca provides a new level of support

With the recent completion and certification with Allscripts, seca extends its premium EMR connectivity solutions for its line of 360° wireless measuring and weighing devices to support Allscripts Professional and Enterprise applications. The wireless connectivity between seca devices and Allscripts will assist physicians in streamlining their diagnostic workflow, eliminate a source of data transcription errors, and significantly improve patient safety and nursing efficiency.

seca seamless integration with Allscripts EMR connectivity.
Enhance patient care through a safe and reliable system, designed to embrace the increased challenges and growing health care demands of today’s society. Only EMR-integrated products like the seca 360° wireless system transmit data securely and are full of ways to eliminate manual entry error. Within seconds, measurements are transmitted wirelessly and assigned to the correct patient ID in your EMR system. This increased efficiency will allow your facility to concentrate on what’s really important – the well-being of your patients.

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