Age Management

Your decisive advantages at a glance:

Immediate visualization of how a patient is responding to treatment.

Supports the optimization of (B) HRT by analyzing multiple body composition parameters.

Track and trend meaningful changes of diet, physical exercise and (B) HRT.

Detection of early signs of sarcopenia and other precursors of aging.

Medically precise measurements, validated to the respective gold standard.

Monitoring medical body composition – Laying the foundation for individualized, proactive treatment.

No matter the treatment plan, a change in your patient’s lifestyle with or without using hormone replacement therapy can be seen in body composition. To make treatment more effective and individualized to your patient, you need reliable data that provides insight on their health status.

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mBCA Controlled Weight Loss

HRT in Testosterone Deficiency

Build muscle, reduce fat – and maintain optimal body composition over time

  • A healthy body composition is the foundation for maximum performance, for feeling well and for preventing chronic diseases.
  • Track and trend meaningful changes in muscle, fat and fluid distribution over time.
  • The non-invasive assessment provides rapid results in 17 seconds as well as an immediate overview on your patient’s health status.

Because every patient is unique, therapy plans must be individualized

  • A thorough body composition assessment lays the foundation for designing a personalized treatment protocol.
  • Analyze fluid distribution and detect water versus muscle mass fluctuations in patients undergoing (B)HRT.
  • Assess cardiometabolic risk by determining your patients’ visceral fat volume in absolute values.
  • Early detection of sarcopenia or its precursors.
  • Fully customizable, visual reports are key to communicating progress to patients and educating them on how to interpret their results.

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The highest accuracy and precision

  • The seca mBCA is the only bioimpedance device which has validated all its output parameters to the individual most accurate reference method (= “gold standard”) in one multicenter study (1).
  • The skeletal muscle mass is 97% accurate in comparison to MRI (2).
  • Whole-body MRI derived bio impedance equations are much more accurate for predicting muscle mass than DXA (2).
  • The Fat-Free Mass / Fat Mass is 98% accurate in comparison to the 4C model.
  • 98% accuracy for total body water in comparison to the D2O dilution.
  • Evidence is transparently published in peer-reviewed journals (1+2).

Nothing motivates patients more than seeing what they have already achieved

  • Differentiate your practice with the only body composition analyzer designed and validated for medical use.
  • The quick and comparative study that the mBCA provides assists in determining the best approach to optimize therapy.
  • Provide your patients with a comprehensive summary of their results and customize as you see fit.
  • Educate and motivate your patients by engaging them in treatment and providing an explanation, overview of each measurement parameter.

(1) Bosy-Westphal A, Schautz B, Later W. Kehayias JJ, Gallagher D, Müller MJ. What makes a BIA equation unique? Validity of eight-electrode multifrequency BIA to estimate body Composition in a healthy adult population. Eur J Clin Nutr 2013; 67: 14-21; doi:10.1038/ejcn.2012.160

(2) Bosy-Westphal A, Jensen B, Braun W, Pourhassan M, Gallagher D, Müller MJ. Quantification of whole-body and segmental skeletal muscle mass using phase-sensitive 8-electrode medical bioelectrical impedance devices. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2017 Mar 22 . doi: 10.1038/ejcn.2017.27