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- Predicting which trends will catch on in the world of medicine is part of seca know-how. Evidence of this talent was reflected in the innovations that seca presented at MEDICA 2013.

seca directprint – talking with patients about weight is made easy
The seca directprint is an innovative tool for use in patient consultation. The informative printout, which is automatically generated after a measurement with seca 360° wireless products, tells the patient about his nutritional condition in easy-to-understand terms. If a health risk related to overweight or underweight has been detected, tips on lifestyle changes are offered. With the report in hand, the patient may be prompted to ask for the doctor's advice.

The seca Directprint does not replace a conversation with the doctor, but serves to open the door to a frank discussion about weight. A continuous presentation of this new seca development took place at the seca stand. 

Additional information about seca directprint is available here.

Height and weight on patient monitor
Trade fair visitors were also impressed by the results of cooperative efforts with Welch Allyn. It is now possible to wirelessly transmit a patient's height and weight  from a seca 360° wireless measuring system to the Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitor. Measurements, which are reliably documented and made available for further analysis, also can be fed directly into a patient data management system.   

Keeping an eye on weight changes in newborns
Pediatricians and teams in neonatal units will welcome this product improvement.   Because every gram counts for premature babies, the baby scale seca 757 / seca 727 is now equipped with wireless technology and an even finer graduation.

seca mBCA increases diagnostic certainty
Just as imaging methods once revolutionized cancer diagnostics, the user-friendly body composition analysis provided by the seca mBCA increases certainty in the diagnosis of nutritional disorders. Visitors to this year's MEDICA crowded the seca stand to see the device at work as their own body composition measurements were made. seca presented other innovations to those already familiar with the seca mBCA. The device is continuously enhanced to meet new requirements and to reflect the latest scientific knowledge, which seca acquires through close cooperation with leading medical researchers and medical associations.
Additional info about seca mBCA at


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