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Log4j security vulnerability - seca products are not affected.

- In connection with the latest findings about Log4J vulnerabilities, seca has conducted extensive analyses to ensure the security of our devices and thus the (data) security of our customers. The open source tool called Log4J is not used in any of our products. This means that none of our products are affected by the security vulnerabilities. In the development of our products we attach great importance to the highest security standards and will do our utmost to maintain them in the future, so that our partners can rely on us. If you have any further questions, please contact

seca and Imprivata focus on more security and standardization in user authentication

- Hamburg, July 28, 2021 – seca is the first supplier of medical scales and measuring systems to enable user authentication using Imprivata. With the joint interface solution, the two companies support the standardization of different authentication processes in hospitals, simplify workflows and relieve nursing staff.


Partnership to provide the highest patient safety – reducing the risk of transcription typos, conversion errors and time delays with EMR-validated scale and measuring solutions.

- 04 June 2021 – seca North America, the global market leader in medical measuring systems and scales, announced today a strategic marketplace partnership with PointClickCare Technologies, the leading cloud-based software vendor for the senior care market. Together, the companies will deliver a seamless integration that will improve provider and patient safety by tightly integrating to reduce the risk of data transfer, transcription and conversion errors and costly time delays. This will help free up staff to optimize processes, improve efficiency and patient care.

seca Corporation Awarded Patient Scales Sole-Supplier Contract with Premier Inc.’s SURPASS and ASCEND Purchasing Programs

- HAMBURG, GERMANY –February20, 2021 –seca Corporation., the world's market leader in medical measuring and weighing announced today that it has been awarded a contract with Premier’s highly committed ASCEND (AcceleratedSupply Chain Endeavor) program in the category of Patient Scales. In addition, seca was the onlysupplier of patient scales designated to participate in Premier’s SURPASS and ASCEND purchasing programs. Effective April 1, 2021, the three-year sole-supplier agreement with Premier’s highly committed ASCEND program allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for patient scales.

seca management team restructured and Thomas Müllerschön brought on board as CEO Finance & Performance

- Hamburg, 01/02/2021 – seca welcomes Thomas Müllerschön as new CEO Finance & Performance. The 52-year-old was already a long-standing member of the advisory board and now takes on the role of the third CEO alongside the brothers, Frederik and Robert Vogel, who are the fourth generation to run the family business. With Müllerschön’s expertise, the world market leader for medical measurement systems and innovative software solutions strengthens its position as an innovation driver and is gearing up strongly for further growth. On 01/02/2021, Thomas Müllerschön thus takes over the position of Thomas Wessels, who is now devoting himself to new professional challenges after 15 years of management...

The importance of body composition and muscle mass during the COVID-19 pandemic

- As the world market leader in medical measuring systems and scales, seca has been working together with experts from all over the world on the topics of overweight, obesity and health prevention for many years. We spoke with two of these experts from our seca network to raise awareness of the challenges that nutrition experts and physicians as well as their patients are facing during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Do not ignore basic parameters such as weight, height, and vital signs, especially in risk groups

- The COVID-19 pandemic poses major challenges to doctors and health systems worldwide. People with pre-existing health conditions have an even higher risk of experiencing a severe infection. Publications in medical journals and by independent organizations indicate that the exact measurement of vital parameters can play a major role in the treatment of risk groups with COVID-19. Height, weight, and vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse, and temperature are relevant for the exact dosage of medications and ventilator settings. In addition, this information helps with disease diagnosis and follow-up control measures.