seca 360° wireless.

seca 360° wireless.

Integration ist Innovation.

seca 360° wireless.

The first system with an international standard!

Ready for worldwide integration.

Good things tend to be copied, yet the original always remains number 1: One example of this is the seca 360° wireless product system suitable for radio transmission, the first of its kind worldwide. The medical records are sent to a secure seca network via a special medical wireless protocol: simply, quickly and directly. This allows the widest variety of length measuring systems and scales to communicate error-free with any number of PCs, WLAN printers and any desired EMR system. Ready for the electronic medical records. Because the future is today!



Many devices bear the "EMR ready" seal. But not every stamp is an award. Only "EMR integrated" products such as seca emr flash 101 or seca analytics 115 bring the measured data up to internationally recognized standards (e.g. HL 7 or GDT). This allows them to be sent directly into your EMR system. Just one other little thing is required to receive the measured data: the seca 456 USB adaptor for your PC. Or do you already have it?

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