Restart seca services

This file will automatically restart your seca services (responsible for displaying your results). (Please execute with a double click).

seca automatic port release

This file automatically activates the necessary ports in your Windows firewall. (Run as administrator).

seca port overview and firewall

Here you will find a detailed overview of the ports that need to be enabled in your firewall and a brief explanation of ports.

Admin manual 115

Here you will find the administrator manual for the seca analytics 115 software.

Instructions for use for doctors and assistants

Here you will find the instructions for use for the seca analytics 115 software.

IT Knowledge

Here you will find explanations of IT terms and useful information.

Minimum PC Hardware and Software Requirements.

Here you will find the minimum requirements for the computer and its connections.

Assign static IP Adress

If you want to assign a static IP to your computer, you can find instructions here.

Problem solution: Evaluation parameter not available

Here you will find a solution to the problem that the evaluation parameters are not displayed.

seca services overview

Here you will find an overview of seca services.

Video instructions

Introduction to seca Analytics 115 software