seca 211

seca 211 Always at hand in a wall dispenser.

Always at hand in a wall dispenser.

The seca 211 is available when needed. One hundred measuring tapes fit into this small wall dispenser that releases them one at a time. The dispenser can be mounted easily anywhere at all. Refilling is also a simple task.

Optimum handling.

Optimum handling.

The seca 211 has a reading aid with highly legible measurement points for precise results.Thanks to the carefully chosen weight of the paper, the measuring tape is strong enoughto do the job and light enough to tear easily from the wall dispenser. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that can be recycled simply.

seca 211

Disposable measuring tape for head circumference in practical wall dispenser.

  • Precise. Exact results can be read instantly.
  • Comprehensive. Measuring range from 5 – 59 cm.
  • High-quality. Hygienic disposable measuring tape made of high-quality paper can reduce cross-contamination of germs.

Head circumference is one of the most important anthropometric measurements used for early detection of abnormal brain or skull development in children and teens. Our experts continuously strive to simplify your routine work. That's why seca now offers seca 211, an environmentally-friendly, high-quality measuring tape with a practical wall dispenser for improved hygienic conditions. You'll always have the required measuring tape on hand when you need it. The space-saving wall dispenser is easy to install and refill.

The seca 211 is available with 500 measuring tapes in the wall dispenser or as a refill package (1000 measuring tapes).


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Product information.

Technical product data and support.

Technical Data

Measuring range in cm: 12 - 59 cm
Measuring range in inch: 5 - 23 "
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm / 1/16"
Net weight: 0,0016
Declaration of conformity.
seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf seca_dec_207_210_211_212_232_233.pdf
Product sheet.
seca_pst_211_en.pdf seca_pst_211_en.pdf


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