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The line between medicine and fitness blurs, as more and more doctors prescribe exercise rather than medicine. With decades of experience in medical weighing and measuring, we provide your health club with the building blocks to set new standards and create a comprehensive approach to prevention, rehabilitation and medical wellness. All the while becoming more profitable and competitive in the demanding fitness market.

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  • is dedicated to precision since 1840.
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Medicine does not work
without medical values

Tracking progress, setting achievable goals and monitoring meaningful changes over time is vital for a training that promotes your members’ health. Direct feedback about the members' body composition ensures success and reinforces their commitment to your club and your trainers. Thus, reliable data and the ability to accurately assess members with medical expertise is key.

Inspire member referrals.

Inspire your members to build strong ties to the personal trainer and health club.

Educate and motivate your members to improve member retention.

Provide your members with an individualized assessment of their body composition based on reliable data.

Optimize your training and treatment plans.

Attract new members who want to improve their health through exercise.

Monitor and track the success of the exercise regimen.

seca mBCA – bringing
medical values to medical wellness

Fat mass – detect excessive fat

Fat mass – detect excessive fat

Determining fat mass with calipers or measuring tapes is outdated and inaccurate. The seca mBCA, however, measures fat mass as accurately as time-consuming laboratory procedures.

Muscle mass – detect decreased muscles

Muscle mass – detect decreased muscles

The seca mBCA provides accurate data on muscle masvs for each arm, leg and torso. This makes it possible to detect and counteract any imbalances.

Phase angle  – measure cell quality

Phase angle – measure cell quality

The phase angle measures the health of the body's cells. Conclusions about nutrition, body cell regeneration, or water retention can be drawn from the phase angle.

Visceral fat – detect hidden belly fat

Visceral fat – detect hidden belly fat

Visceral fat is dangerous belly fat that is known to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart and circulatory diseases. Even if it is excessive it can be invisible, because it “hides” between the organs in the body`s core.

The champion of accuracy

Whether a bioimpedance analysis delivers reliable and meaningful results depends on the actual reference method from which the analysis algorithms were derived.

The assessment of each compartment (muscles, fat, water) demands a different method. Below you will find the methods against which the seca mBCA was validated. Each of them represents the scientific gold standard. Since no other device has undergone such stringent validation, the seca mBCA provides the most accurate measurement results of any BIA device.

Muscle mass

97% accuracy compared to a full-body MRI

Fat mass

98% accuracy compared to the 4C Model

Visceral fat

80% accuracy compared to cross-sectional MRI

Total body water

98% accuracy compared to the D2O dilution method

The 8.4” touchscreen can be rotated by 360° so your trainer and member share the best view.

Permanent placed grips plus 8 intelligent electrodes (2 per foot, 2 per hand) eliminate incorrect measurements and allow for repeatable, accurate measurements.

Very large platform made of safety glass with weighing capacity of 660 pounds. Designed for all patient types (healthy and unhealthy, strong and frail, slender and obese). The scale can be used independently.

Fat reduction, muscle growth and many other parameters are summarized in a customizable visual report. An indispensable tool that helps trainers engage their members.

Finally something moves

Graphs with a positive trend unfold a pull effect on your members’ commitment. Tracking progress and showing meaningful changes is one of the most important things a health club can do. It will encourage them to stay with the exercise program and achieve them a foundation for health in the long run.

Measurement - Guidance - Exercise

“After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I pulled the emergency brake. The training cost me a tremendous amount of effort. At first it had no effect, so I thought about quitting. But once I saw the change in my body composition, it was clear that I would continue.”

Olivia S. (35 years)
client affected by obesity, has already lost 20 kg,
diabetes now in remission

“The injury was a hard hit. Now I am just happy that I have an eye on my rehab progress and can soon train again at full intensity.”

Mason T. (33 years)
triathlete, re-entry after tearing Achilles tendon

“To be honest, I felt too old to go to a fitness club. My doctor recommended it strongly and I‘m happy I took his advice. Before I started working out, I was exhausted after going shopping. Now I‘m into bouldering!”

Charlotte K. (63 years)
after surgery, her family doctor recommended she build up her muscles.

A benefit for your members –
A benefit for you


New members are eager to check their training against medical data.


Active members stay track and adhere to training goals because they understand them better.


Inactive and difficult to motivate members see immediate feedback and are more educated and engaged to make a fresh start.

“The fitness market is highly competitive. With the mBCA from seca, I can distinguish myself from the competition and raise my profile for medical fitness.”

Simon S. (49 years)
Fitness club owner

We simplify what’s complex

Our services are always at your disposal from the order to the set-up and beyond.

Setup services

We’ll help you to install the device. Instant operability guaranteed.

Interpretation Training

We offer you medical background information to become an expert on bioelectrical impedance analysis and body composition.


Our service is always available for you.


We permanently raise our software’s performance level by providing upgrades.

A benefit for your members –
A benefit for you

Connecting your customers to your brand with fully integrable seca mBCA, scales and measuring stations is a keystone to keep your club successful. We take care of the integration process. Get in touch with us.

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Request a FREE seca mBCA demonstration at your facility!
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Request a FREE seca mBCA demonstration at your facility!

The indestructible backbone of every health club

A balanced variety

Weight is the first and most important medical parameter the body provides. Everyone knows his own weight at least roughly. Anyone interested in knowing the exact weight can find it on a scale. seca not only shows how weighing can be perfected but also presents scales which, with all their different shapes and functions, fulfill every medical requirement.

seca 286

The Sound Station

seca 286

Prove that you are up to date with a voice-guided measuring station. It measures height and weight up to a capacity of 660 lbs.

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seca 700

Weighed by Hand

seca 700

The pushing and balancing of the sliding weights represents the care and attention that every member wants.

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seca 703

The Monolith

seca 703

Confirms its immovable security and reliability with every weighing. Weighs with 0.1 lbs accuracy with a capacity of 660 lbs!

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seca 644

The Guardian

seca 644

The seca 644 is an especially safe scale with a curved handrail, a large platform and massive 800 lbs weighing capacity.

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seca 769

The Robust

seca 769

Just like “the monolith” the seca 769 is designed for heavy duty use. It comes with a capacity of 450 lbs.

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seca 813

Remain Grounded

seca 813

This understated scale impresses with its resilience, 440 lbs weighing capacity and an optional Bluetooth interface (seca 813bt).

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