Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor

We realise that the working environment for medical staff is complex. This is precisely why we developed the seca mVSA, a spot-check monitor that simplifies and quickens the routine task of capturing patient vitals (blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, SpO2) in less than 60 seconds.

One easy to operate device for all four vital signs blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and SpO2: shown at a glance, starting with a push of only one button, finished within 60 seconds.

Save valuable time with blood pressure measurement in under 20 seconds with unique blood pressure inflation measurement mode.

Detection of hypertension with seca EasyQuick Blood Pressure (EQ BP®)­­­­­­­­ average mode (BP30), automated blood pressure measurements up to 6 times in 30 minutes.

Receive measurement data (height, weight and BMI) from EMR-validated seca devices via seca 360° proximity technology to enhance your medical assessment.

Competitively priced with all functions needed, unique seca service offerings with no downtime and only one integration interface for all seca devices needed.

Up to 150 measurements of blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and SpO2 on one single charge.

All measurements stored and available for later processing.

Immediate transmission of measurements into the electronic medical record (EMR) via HL7. Supports similar integration solutions with a wide range of EMR systems including Epic, athenahealth, eClinicalWorks and many others.

EASY, quick and accurate

The seca mVSA is easy-to-use and self-explanatory with little to no training required for nursing staff. Just turn it on, start the measurement and within 60 seconds blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and SpO2 are shown at a glance.

Record blood pressure with the unique inflation or deflation mode with a push of only one button in less than 20 seconds.

For the temperature measurement an in-ear thermometer or the measurement by means of a probe (oral/axillary or rectal) is available.

The patient’s pulse rate is always measured simultaneously while using blood pressure measurement or with pulse oximeter.

Measure blood oxygen levels with a Masimo RD SET® or a seca sensor.

seca EQ BP®

True screening of hypertension with configurable seca EasyQuick Blood Pressure (EQ BP®) average mode (BP30): take up to 6 measurements automatically in up to 30 minutes. A single reading can be taken in under 20 seconds with comfortable and unique blood pressure inflation mode.


Blood pressure can be determined particularly quickly and gently using the inflation measurement method. 

Avoid the 'white coat effect' and capture blood pressure accurately with configurable seca EQ BP® average mode (BP30).

EMR-validated and certified

Prevent transcription errors and increase patient safety with direct transmission of measurements into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) via HL7. Similar integration solutions are provided for a wide range of EMR systems.

Prevent transcription errors, increase patient safety, streamline workflow and gain more time with patients – this is what seca vital signs integration into your EMR system can achieve for you.

Seamless scale connectivity

Receive measurement data (height, weight and BMI) from EMR-validated seca devices to enhance your medical assessment.


With the seca 360° proximity technology, the seca mVSA can gather height and weight measurements from EMR-validated seca scales and measuring stations, thereby improving and standardising base parameter acquisition.

Future safe with seca service

The ultimate product protection and savings to maximise the value of your seca mVSA spot-check vital signs monitor.


seca service program offers an effective way to minimise disruptions to your patient workflow. When unexpected equipment downtime occurs, especially for heavily used vital signs monitors, it’s imperative to have a replacement service with fast turnaround to minimise downtime.

  • Advanced replacement service can immediately provide you with an equivalently configured unit to ensure minimal downtime

  • Priority access to latest seca software updates and upgrades

  • Optimise your investment with a convenient one-, three- or five-year contract

  • Outstanding Engineering Technicians dedicated to our nationwide customers. Operating times: Monday - Thursday 8.45 am - 5.00 pm (GMT), Friday 8.45 am - 4.45 pm (GMT)

Toll-free service hotline: 0121 643 9349


Further Advantages

All measurements at a glance on the easy to operate 7″ touch screen monitor.

Durable blood pressure cuffs enhanced with metal plate and cuff stitching around the exterior.

Long lasting integrated lithium-ion battery – up to 150 measurements on one single charge.

Store up to 70,000 vital signs recordings in the large internal memory for later processing.

Component Options



Blood pressure cuffs, size XS-XXL (reusable)

Covidien Genius™ 3 thermometer (in‑ear)

Covidien Filac™ 3000 temperature probe (oral/axillary)

Covidien Filac™ 3000 temperature probe (rectal)

Masimo SET® SpO2 finger clip sensor (reusable)

seca SpO2 SoftFlap® finger clip sensor for adults (reusable)

seca SpO2 SoftCap® sensor for adults (reusable)

seca SpO2 SoftCap® sensor for children (reusable)